【Megumi/Jujutsu Kaisen】The expressions that can only be seen in anime are just too good!

Everyone knows that the good point of JJK anime is the action scenes.

But what I want you to see more than that is the expressions of the characters that you can’t see in manga.

In manga, the number of panels and pages is fixed, and it’s difficult to show the characters’ personalities well in manga.

But with animation, it’s possible.

I especially like Megumi ones.

“What!!? You are so cute…”

I had this reaction many times while watching JJK.

・Megumi Fushiguro(伏黒恵)

First, the manga version.



He’s cool.


Handsome Face.

Responsible words and actions.

And the type of woman.


As long as that person has a moral compass that isn’t easily swayed, I don’t wish for anything else.

Check the fanbook too!



He’s still saying cool stuff.

But I want you to see it though.


What he hates: Paprika

He doesn’t like sweet side dishes.

There are some tips on Megumi’s personality.

Referenced from 呪術廻戦公式ファンブック

Referenced from 呪術廻戦公式ファンブック

Q: With who and what was Fushiguro’s first mission?

A: In front of Gojo, randomly. He might be pranked by Gojo.

Referenced from 呪術廻戦公式ファンブック

Referenced from 呪術廻戦公式ファンブック

Q: Would he be sad to get his Shikigami destroyed?

A: He’ll be sad. People like him would be more upset by the death of an animal than a stranger.

Referenced from 呪術廻戦公式ファンブック

Referenced from 呪術廻戦公式ファンブック

Q: If Megumi gets confessed by a girl, how would he say no?

A: Sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyy (Gomeeeeeeeeeeeeeen)


These different aspects are missing from only manga.

But Anime makes up for the lack of it.



Megumi is so embarrassed!!

Since Nobara and Yuji are screaming in public.

How cute his reaction is!!



Megumi is being confronted by Yuji and Nobara.

I didn’t know his cheeks were so puffy.

And he doesn’t get angry even when they do like this.

The advantage of anime is that you can see these expressions.

I especially love Megumi because he has a lot of unexpected expressions.

Same for the other characters.

・Satoru Gojo(五条悟)



Sometimes he is very handsome and sexy.



It’s not like different characters.

We all know Juju Sampo MVP is Gojo.

I love his personality more after I watched the anime.

・Toge Inumaki(狗巻棘)



I knew his coolness and personality from the manga.

But anime let me know more about his cuteness and movement.

Of course I love him.

I think he got a lot of fans by anime.

・Kasumi Miwa(三輪霞)



I think she is one of the characters that became popular in the anime.

She is also very cute.

She has an adorable expression on her face, especially in the manga which we never got to see.






This word really matches him.

But there is one scene in the anime that makes me think he is cute.


The anime ended on March 27th, and I am very sad.

I was so excited about Friday that I stayed up late to watch it.

I can’t wait for season 2 to start. I’m waiting for the news.

I’m just really looking forward to the movie.

Especially Yuta.




I’m looking forward to seeing his charm in the theater, something you can’t get from the manga alone.

Can’t wait for winter!

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