Up-to-date relationship diagram of Jujutsu Kaisen【Until Ch.145】

Jutsu Kaisen has entered the new Arc.

A lot of new characters have showed up.

Things are getting more complicated.


Even people who’s reading WSJ may find it difficult to understand.

So I made a diagram of the latest relationships.

I tried to organize where the key points are going to be and what is going to happen from now.

Let’s check it out so that everyone can enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen more.


Here’s the latest relationship diagram.


The battle is now going to proceed in two places.

1) Tengen side

2) Culling Game side


1) Tengen side



On the Tengen side, Kenjaku will be invading to take Tengen.

And to protect him, Yuki and Choso will guard him.

So it’s a defensive battle for Tengen.


Kenjaku VS Yuki & Chousou


The first battle takes place here.

2) Culling Game side



In the Culling Game side, Yuji and others will participate in the Culling Game.

They have to join the game and make new rules to help Tsumiki.


Making a new rule based on rule 6 of the Culling Game.



This is the other battle.

There are 3 important key characters.

① Tengen



If he is taken by Kenjaku, the world will end.

As he said in chapter 145.

If he is taken away, what happened in Tokyo would happen to the entire world.



That exactly means the world will end.

So don’t let him be taken away!!!


Maybe Kenjaku will not come alone, but he will bring someone with him.

This is going to be a very important battle.

② Hana Kurusu



Her Technique can extinguish any Cursed Technique.

By using her technique, we can unseal Gojo.


As long as Gojo comes back, they’ll be able to solve everything.

That’s why we need her technique.


And she’s a player of the Culling Game side.

That’s why Yuji and the others will meet her.


How will they get her technique?

She’ll be on our side?

Or will Yuta Okkotsu copy her technique?


It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

③Game master



Kenjaku said that the game master is not himself.

So someone else will be the game master.


Who will be the game master?

Is it the person who appeared in chapter 143?

He’s going to be a very important person for now.


The other point is the whereabouts of Uraume.

Which side is she going to join?

Will she join the Culling game for the sake of Sukuna?

And who else will join the Yuji side?


Will it be the 2nd year students, or the Kyoto school students?

I’d be very happy if Nobara came back and joined us.


That’s it for now, the storyline and points of interest.

This is the diagram that summarizes it.

Did you get it?


If there’s anything you don’t understand or want to know, let me know.

I’m sure it’s going to get more complicated from now on, so I’ll keep summarizing and writing about it on the blog.


I’ll be posting my thoughts on Twitter.

I hope you’ll check it out.