Jujutsu Kaisen Ch.146 Review

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter146 was released on April 20, 2021.

A lot of information was revealed continuing from chapter 145.



About Culling Game. About the next steps.

The introduction of a new character.

This chapter has a lot of information.

So let’s review it together!!

※There will be spoilers from here. If you haven’t read ch.146 yet, please be careful.

The details of Culling Game

Information revealed about the Culling Game.


・It will be held in 10 locations across Japan.


The Culling Game will be held in 10 major cities across Japan, from Kagoshima to Aomori. (* The red areas)

The reason why Hokkaido is not included is because of the Ainu Jujutsu Company.Which was mentioned in volume 0. (* The blue area)


Maybe they will be involved in the story in the future…!!


・It will be held for 2 months


・Cursed Technique Removal = Death


But, there’s NO risk to Sorcerers like Maki who don’t have a technique. Other characters who do not have the technique.





Maybe they’ll join in…??


・Game master = Kogane


I thought that the character who appeared in Ch.143 was the Game Master.

But It’s not…

But according to Tengen, this is a Shikigami.

So maybe there’s someone who is a Shikigami user elsewhere…?


・How to get the score


Megumi says that he has some ideas other than killing people.

What is That?? He will do something with his technique??

About the next steps.


・Yuki Tsukumo and Choso → Guard Tengen


・Maki will get weapons


Since Megumi became the head of the family, she has access to a variety of Cursed Tools.

She also goes to the Workshop of Juzo Kumiya.

He was creating tools with human bodies.

But according to the Fanbook, he made things with something other than people.


He’s the one who made Haruta’s sword.

He could be using the bones of Cursed Spirits to make weapons…??

Anyways, Maki is going to be very strong from now!!


・Yuji and Megumi will meet Hakari


Finally, Hakari will show up!!

He is a 3rd year student.

As Gojo said, he’s very strong.

Yuta also says that he is stronger than him in some cases.

According to the Fanbook, his potential is not so different from Yuta’s.


And his Technique is something related to gambling.

It would be very cheering to have him on our side!!

And the farewell of Yuji and Choso.

Look at Choso’s face.

What a sweet face he has.


Compared to before, his face has become so gentle.


He’s changed so much in just 40 chapters.

Then the scene changes to a comedy theater.


This man is the Culling Game player, Fumihiko Takaba.

He may be related to Nanami.

Look at his last words!!!!



He said seven to three.

This is the same as Nanami’s technique.

Maybe he has the same Techinique as Nanami’s?!

Or Nanami had some kind of connection to him??


・Check Gege-Sensei’s gimmick!!!

Lastly, I want you to see who was in the comedy theater.

Do you recognize him?


Yes, he’s the Japanese comedian from the interview show for Gege Akutami.

His name is Kendo Kobayashi.

And this character is called “Ken”.

Gege put him in manga…lol


His name is Kawanishi from Wagyu.

I see Gege really likes comedy!!


This gimmick got a lot of response on Twitter!

We all love Gege’s gimmick…lol


Chapter146 was full of information.

Things are getting more complicated, but very interesting.

I’ll be posting more Theories in the future.

Let’s enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen together!!


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