Jujutsu Kaisen Spots where we should visit!!!

Jujutsu Kaisen is set in Tokyo.

・Shibuya Incident

・Juju Sanpo

・Anime OP

・And many other places.


So many places are drawn in Jujutsu Kaisen.

We can have a tour of those places now.

Right now, it is difficult for everyone to come to Japan because of COVID-19.

But when people can come, I guess you want to visit these places.

Anyway those are spots I’ve already been.

So I’m going to introduce Jujutsu Kaisen spots!!


①Jujutsu Kaisen spots of anime OP

Various Tokyo spots were shown In part 1 OP.

By doing so, this OP symbolized that there are many curses hidden in our daily lives.

In fact, some of these spots are haunted places or are located near haunted places.

Sendagaya Tunnel


千駄ヶ谷トンネル(Sendagaya Tunnel)



六本木 麻布トンネル(Roppongi Azabu Tunnel)

Shinjuku SUBARU Building


Shinjuku SUBARU Building

Nagata-cho Station


永田町駅(Nagata-cho Station)

Otaguro Park


杉並区立大田黒公園(Otaguro Park)

As you can see, there are many places.

It would be fun to cosplay here and take pictures in the same pose, wouldn’t it?


②Juju Sanpo Spots

In Juju Sanpo, characters sometimes show up in places in Tokyo.

Do you know how this place is chosen?

Gege Akutami said in an interview.

“I choose places that I’ve been to before.”

So you could meet Gege in there…?!


Yoyogi Station


代々木駅(Yoyogi Station

Asagaya Station


阿佐ヶ谷駅(Asagaya Station

Real spots also appear in manga version of Juju Sanpo.

Akiho Onsen


This is not in Tokyo, but in Sendai.
Which is Yuji’s hometown!!

③Spots that appeared in main story

Various places appeared in manga.

Since Jujutsu high is located in Tokyo, these places are in Tokyo.

The places that appear in manga are faithfully reproduced from the actual landscapes.

You can see how hard Gege is working on his drawings!!

Iidabashi Ramla


飯田橋ラムラ(Iidabashi Ramla)

Tsukuda Ohashi


佃大橋(Tsukuda Ohashi)

Omiya Rakuun


From now on in manga, the Culling Game will begin in places all over Japan.

So many places all over Japan, not just Tokyo, might appear in the future!!


How was it?

What I showed you is only a part of the story, there are many more places that were drawn in Jujutsu Kaisen!!

Jujutsu Kaisen uses a lot of real places than any other manga.

It’s great because you can actually visit there.

I hope one day we can all visit them together…


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