Bad things happen when Shoko Ieiri smokes?

We’ve had a lot of hard times till now.

One thing I’ve noticed is this.

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“Bad things happen after Shoko’s smoking description.”

・Geto becomes a Curse User

・Sukuna kills people

When Shoko smokes, bad things happen at Jujutsu high.

Let’s check them out one by one.


・Geto becomes a Curse User


This is the first time she is smoking a cigarette in Jujutsu Kaisen.

And what happened next?

Geto became a Curse User.

Until then, he was so kind.

Even though he was killing people.

But after this smoking scene, he completely changed.

He called people monkeys, and his gentle face had disappeared.

This drastic change must have surprised you guys.

His smile suddenly disappeared from his face.

This is because of her smoking?

Or just coincidence?


・Sukuna kills people



She was smoking in Ch.113.

But after Yuji returned to her in Ch.119, he saw Shibuya with nothing left.

This is a very bad thing that happened to Yuji, because he killed a lot of people.

Because he killed so many people.

He didn’t kill people directly, but he did it indirectly by Sukuna.

And he blamed himself and regretted it very much.

Bad things happened again after Shoko smoked.

This must have been triggered by her smoking.

And she had already quit smoking once.

But she started smoking at this time.



I guess there is a connection between her smoking and the bad things.

Her smoking is the trigger of bad things!!


・Scenes in Ch.146


Based on what I’ve seen so far, something bad might happen in the future.

The first time, her friend became an enemy.

The second time, her student killed people and despaired.


What’s going to happen next?

Is someone important going to die?

Or is something going to happen during the Curling Game?

Please please please bad things won’t happen anymore…


・Is Shoko’s “Smoking” a trigger for something?

Is this a foreshadowing, or just a coincidence, Gege-Sensei?

I’m so curious I can’t sleep!

This is a wonderful piece of work, where I can encounter new discoveries and insights every day.

I hope I can see another interview!!


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