A summary of the appeal of “Yuta Okkotsu”

It’s been a month since the anime ended…

So sad but Jujutsu Kaisen movie will be released.


The contents of Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.0 will be made into a movie.


The movie is still a ways off, but I would like to introduce Yuta Okkotsu, main character in the movie.

He has appeared in the main story, but this will be the first time he appears in the anime.

He’s one of the special grade sorcerers.

He is very strong, pure and cool.

He is one of my favorite characters.

I want everyone to know how great he is.

Then let’s enjoy the movie when it comes out in the winter.

For those of you who read the WSJ, I hope you enjoy reading this Yuta’s summary.


Profile of Yuta Okkotsu


This is from fanbook.

Age/ 17 years old

Birthday/ March 7

Birthplace/ Miyagi

How to enter technical college/ Scout

Technique/ Rika

Skill/ Copying, reversal cursed technique

Special skill/ good at making paste erasers

Favorite food/ Salted cabbage with sesame oil

Disliked food/ Fatty meat from steak

Stress/ When he can’t see his classmates.

He gets stressed when he can’t see his classmates.


That’s why he doesn’t want to leave the others!!

How cute he is!!

I can enjoy just this one page from the fanbook.


What is the strength of Yuta Okkotsu?

He is a Special Grade Sorcerer.

There are only four of them in JJK.

Which is in the same class of strength as Gojo.

Why is he so strong?

There are 3 things that make him strong.


1. Boundless Cursed Energy


Yuta has a Boundless Cursed Energy.

According to him, it’s more than Gojo.

He can use his cursed Energy to create very powerful attacks.

It’s enough to overwhelm Yuji.


He’s powerful enough to throw a car off the road, but it’s funny that he calls himself that he’s on the weak side.

That’s how much cursed Energy he has.


2. Copy Techniques with Rika

His technique is Rika.She is Yuta’s childhood friend, and is attached to him after she died.

But thanks to her, Yuta is able to copy other people’s technique.

In volume 0, he copied Toge’s Cursed Speech.

Usually, his Cursed Speech is risky.

If he uses strong words, they will bounce back at him.

But in Yuta’s case, there is no such risk.

It’s too strong to be able to copy Cursed Speech with no risk.


3. Reversal Cursed Technique


Yuta can use the Reversal Cursed Technique.

This is a technique to heal people.

Shoko and Sukuna are the only ones who can heal people so far.

Even Gojo can’t do it.

It’s such a difficult technique!!

He is so strong because he is a descendant of Michizane Sugawara.

He is one of the Three Great Vengeful Spirits in Japan.


He is also Gojo’s ancestor.

It’s this bloodline that makes him so strong.


Yuta’s character

He is very strong.

But he is also very pure and kind.

He gets angry when his friends are hurt.

He never refers to Yuji as Sukuna’s vessel.

He just calls him Gojo-sensei’s pupil.



Even if he’s acting.

He is also kind to children.

When he talks to the kids, he squats down and looks at them the same way.

He’s very caring, isn’t he?


And look at his smile.

You must have a gentle nature to smile like this.


Yuta’s Changes

Volume 0 is the story of when he was a 1st year student.

At that time, he was always frightened and seemed a little unreliable.


But look at him now.

He is so dependable.

The way he holds his Katana is completely different.


He’s grown so much in just a little over a year.



Cute smile

That’s Yuta.

Such a great Senpai is now on our side.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming battle and the movie where he will be focused.


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