How Awesome Jujutsu Kaisen OP was?

Jujutsu Kaisen’s OP was amazing.

Especially the OP of Part 2 was very detailed.

This is the movie!

Check it before you check this article!

And this wasn’t just the OP, it had some scenes that were foreshadowing.

So I’ll tell you how awesome the OP of part 2 was.


①The scene Gojo walking in the rain

First of all, this production is cool.

And there’s a secret to the flower Gojo has.


There is an amazing trick hidden in this scene.

Look at the flower that Gojo is holding.

This looks like “Blue Rose”.


Originally, it was said that the Blue Rose did not exist.

So its flower language was

“Something that doesn’t exist.”


But now it was found out that they can be created artificially.

That’s why The language turned to…

“Dreams Come True”

This blue flower also looks like “Periwinkle”.

Its flower language is…

“Life-long Friendship”.


Gojo is probably taking this flower to dead Geto.


That sadness is expressed in this scene.

And I also like that raindrops stop only around him…!

I think it expresses Gojo’s thoughts.


② Chocolate Fake Geto is eating

Look at Geto in the OP.

He’s eating sweets like Cursed Spirits Ball.

It’s chocolate on the outside, but has something different inside.

Geto on the outside, but Kenjaku on the inside…

As if this is an indication of what Fake Geto is!!


③Mahito’s soap bubbles


This looks like Mahito is just blowing soap bubbles.

However, this has a different meaning.

This scene has the same look as the painting “death blowing bubbles” at the Michaelberg Monastery in Germany.

This painting expresses the fragility of life.

This means that this scene expresses the people that Mahito killed.


④ The shadow in the photo


A photo of Kyoto School members appears for a moment.

Look at the Mechamaru in that photo.

Only he has a shadow on him.

This is a foreshadowing.

Mechamaru will be killed by Mahito after this and he dies.

That’s what this shadow foreshadows…


⑤ Black Flower

Look at this flower.

In fact, there is a family emblem that uses this flower.

It’s called “Itadori-mon”.

Which is the family emblem of Itadori Clan!!


⑥ The place where Yuta is



There is a white cityscape in the background of the scene where Yuta is shown.

It feels like a country that is not Japan.

And he is with Miguel.

This is actually a certain place in Morocco.

This shows that he is now in Africa!


That’s all for now.

Really GREAT!!!

MAPPA has created wonderful OP.

I’ve never seen an OP like this…

They have done a lot of great work in the past.

・Jujutsu Kaisen

・Attack on Titan the Final Season



・Zombie Land Saga

・Yuri on Ice



OMG… Amazing works…

And MAPPA is also working on a new anime, “Chainsaw Man”!!

Even this main visual shows how awesome it is.

How would they describe the world of Chainsaw Man?

We know it will be also GREAT because MAPPA will make!!!


Of course I’m looking forward to the Jujutsu Kaisen movie and the next episode.

Looking forward to seeing their many fascinating anime and OPs by MAPPA!!!


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