The Hidden Secret in JJK’s OP

Yaga died in chapter 147.


Although he received death penalty, no one would have thought that he would die so soon.

But actually, his death was originally foreshadowed.

That was the Anime part 1 OP.


It’s the scene where Yuji, Junpei and the others are having a picnic.

Looks like they are just enjoying talking and eating, but in fact, there is “an important foreshadowing” hidden in this scene…

This scene is based on Monet’s painting “Lunch on the Grass”.

Look at Nanami’s sitting pose.

He’s sitting a bit weird, isn’t he?


Actually, it’s the same pose as the one in Monet’s painting.

But there are other secrets in this painting.


In fact, Monet had cut out some parts of this painting.

This is because it’s not well preserved.

The cropped part is the colored area in the below picture.


And look at the characters in the cropped area.






And something bad has happened to “3 out of 5”.

Junpei → Dead

Gojo → Sealed

Yaga → Dead

Yaga was also killed this week.

Bad things are happening to the characters in this picture.


Maybe Yuji and Megumi will also die in the future.

Gege Akutami also said in a previous interview.

He said it in Jump Festa 2019. Check my tweet!

“Out of Yuji, Megumi, Nobara, and Gojo, either one of them will die, or 3 of them will die”

Considering this theory and the interview, everyone except Nobara might die…

OMG…??! I screamed when I heard…


I didn’t really believe in the OP theory until now.

But after Yaga’s death in chapter 147, this theory has become more believable…

It’s very painful.

I hope this isn’t the only theory that’s out there…


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