An introduction to Sukuna’s tales

Ryomen Sukuna is introduced as the king of curse in Jujutsu Kaisen.


But do you know that he is a curse that actually existed before?

He is said to be a curse that actually existed.

He has been passed down from long ago, so there are many legends about him.

And those legends are related to his technique and the story of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Here are 2 of his tales.


① Sukuna’s Hot Pot

There is a legend called “Ryomen Sukuna Hot Pot” in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

It is something like this.

“Sukuna used to work for the people.

However, he disobeyed the Emperor of Yamato, so he got into a battle with them.

At that time, he was treated by the people, but to prevent them from being harmed, he made a pot for himself to eat.”


And the pot is still enshrined today.

This legend has to do with Sukuna’s Technique.

His Domain Expansion is about slashing.

He uses two kinds of slashes: “Dismantle” and “Cleave”.

This is related to cooking, as you can see in chapter 119.

So his ability could come from this legend!!


② Kodoku

Kodoku is a traditional Chinese Jujutsu.

Various venomous insects are put into one container.

Then they kill each other.

The last one gets a strong Curse.


And there is a story about Ryomen Sukuna being made out of Kodoku.

A cult purchased some deformed children from a freak show.

Then they locked them up in the basement.

As a result, the Siamese twins with two heads and multiple arms survived…

And he got enshrined as Ryomen Sukuna.


This is similar to what Kenjaku is trying to do with the Culling Game.


He puts people who got technique by him inside the colony and let them fight.

This is just like Kodoku…!!


These are the legends of Sukuna.

There are probably many more.

There are still many secrets about his abilities too, so maybe we can find out the hint of his abilities from other anecdotes.

Gege Akutami is a genius, to be able to create such a fascinating character from a true story!!


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