Gojo and Nanami are the best teachers ever! Here’s a summary about them.

Gojo and Nanami are the best teachers ever!!

They used to be Senpai (senior) and Kohai (Junior) when they were students, but now they are good friends.

Nanami also says that he trusts Gojo.

He doesn’t respect him tho…


And they have the same kindness.

Let me introduce them.


・Their High School Days


They are Senpai and Kohai.

When Gojo was in his 2nd year and Nanami was in 1st year of high school.

When Gojo was guarding Riko, they had been on a mission together.

Gojo took over Nanami’s mission before too.


However, they didn’t seem to be that close when they were students.


・Their good relationship


They are good friends now.


Gojo is teasing Nanami sometimes.

Gojo’s teasing of Nanami on Juju Sanpo was very funny.


And Nanami treats Gojo lightly.

Their interaction in Juju Sampo is really cute!

And they are a great team, aren’t they?


・Their Kindness

They have very different personalities, but they have the same kindness.

Look at how they treat their students.

They always offer a better place to their students.


And they themselves are sitting on the ground or on a wooden bench.

I guess they both have the same feelings for their students.


That’s it!

Gojo and Nanami are a really good team.

They have opposite personalities, but they have the same kindness.

I like them because they are gentlemen.

I wish I could see them together again…


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