Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 148 review

Finally, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 148 was released on May 17th!


We’ve been waiting for 3 weeks…

I’m so happy that I finally could read the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen.

…However, this week’s story was very painful.


I could see how hard Maki and Mai had been with the Zenin family.

Now I understand how bad the Zen-in family is….

So let’s take a look at chapter 148 one by one.


・Cover of chapter 148


The cover of chapter 148 shows Maki and Mai as babies.

But don’t you think the shape of their umbilical cords is strange?


Actually, it’s a type of twins called MM twins.

In MM twins, two babies share one placenta, one chorionic villus and one amniotic membrane, and since there is no membrane between them, they are both in one room.

And this type is so rare that only 1% of twin babies are born this way.

That’s why Maki and Mai have a strong connection.


And there’s a contrast between chapter 147 and 148.

What a painful contrast….


・Corrupted Zenin Clan

The Zenin Clan is really bad.


Naoya insulted and bullied Maki.

Ogi is trying to kill his own daughter.

And her mother is being cold to her even though she is about to be killed.




Is this how a family is supposed to be?

I guess what Gojo and Toji said is true…


・The battle of Maki

Finally, her fight is on!


Look at the way she’s standing.

She’s so strong and beautiful, isn’t she?


She’s very beautiful even now.


And the weapon she’s carrying was created by Juzo Kumiya!

He was able to make a strong Cursed Tool.

It’s strong enough to break Ogi’s sword.


And it’s cool that her glasses are glowing.

And Maki thought she broke Ogi’s Katana, but she was slashed.

I wonder if this is his Technique?

Maybe it’s a Construction, like Mai’s.


・Ogi’s Tears

After he slashed Maki, Ogi cried and said

 “I couldn’t become the head of the family because you kids are a failure.


But he’s lying.

According to the fanbook, Naobito became the head of the family simply because he was strong.

What are his tears for?

Is he feeling sorry for Maki?


Chapter 148 brought out the awfulness of the Zenin family.

When I read it, I felt something like this.


There is not a single decent adult here.

It made me realize once again that Nanami was the best…


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