The hidden meaning behind the cover of Jujutsu Kaisen vol.16 is Amazing!

The cover for Jujutsu Kaisen volume 16 has been revealed!!

Volume 16 had a fake Geto on the cover.

Look at this cover.


Fake Geto is showing his brain and licking water.

There’s something different about this cover compared to the others.


It became a trending topic on Twitter.

In fact, this cover has a lot of meanings.

So I’m gonna tell you about the hidden meaning behind this cover.


・Paralleling with Gojo

I want you to focus on his pose.

Have you seen this pose anywhere before?

Yes, this pose is similar to Gojo’s on volume 4.

Parallel between fake Geto and Gojo…

This is what Gege Akutami was intending…?


・Geto’s dominant hand


It is unofficially said that Geto is left-handed.

However, on the cover of volume 16, he is touching his forehead with his right hand.

This shows that he is not Geto.


He has the memories of Geto, but he is never “Real”!


・Pose associated with a mother

He’s got his hand on his stomach.


Fake Geto’s left hand is on his stomach.


This makes me associate him with “mother”.

Yuji’s mother had a scar on her forehead.

After Toji died, the armory cursed spirit said “mother” to Geto.

He could be a “mother”…?!


・Pattern of the background

The background of vol.16 cover is Spirit Charm!!

This pattern means ” Loneliness”.

Which means that Kenjaku is lonely…?


And the Spirit Charm has also appeared in ep.1!!

This is a different pattern tho.

It could be something important…?

This could be a foreshadowing of something in the future!!


・The face that reflects his personality

Look at his face!!

He’s sticking out his tongue.

He did the same thing in episode 7 in Anime.

He’s actually a charming person?!


That’s it.

・Parallel with Gojo

・Geto’s dominant hand

・Pose associated with a mother

・Pattern of the background

・The face that reflects his personality


There are so many meanings hidden in this cover!

Gege Akutami is truly a genius.


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