Japan is full of Jujutsu Kaisen collaborations! I’ll show you what I bought.

Jujutsu Kaisen has become a big trend in Japan!

It’s easy to find collaborative products wherever you go.

I’m so happy that so many goodies have been released!

Here are my recommendations.


Bakauke / Snack

Collaboration with a very famous Japanese snack, Bakauke!!

In addition to JJK, they have also collaborated with Demon Slayer and the Tigers, a Japanese professional baseball team.

And this snack also comes with JJK stickers.

Not only are the snacks delicious, but you can also enjoy the stickers!


・Jujutsu-OWN / Apparel

This is an exclusive T-shirt for subscribers to the digital ver. of Shonen Jump.

・Yuji Itadori version

・Megumi Fushiguro version

・Nobara Kugizaki version

・Satoru Gojo version

There are 4 different versions.

Which one do you want?

The Japanese digital ver. of Shonen Jump has a lot of special campaigns!!


UNIQLO T-shirt / Apparel

Jujutsu Kaisen will be collaborating with UNIQLO.

The design of Gojo looks really cool!!

I really want this!!!

Which one do you want?


Kikusuian, Kikufuku / Snack

This is a sweet from Sendai that appeared in episode 2.

Which is the one that Gojo bought.


Actually, when it was introduced in the manga, Gege had introduced it without telling them.

But now, they are collaborating officially.

I tried it too, and it’s really good.


Dark Strawberry Mocha / Drink

This is a sweet drink illustrated by the ED of JJK.

Look how cute it is!!

You won’t even want to throw away the cup after drinking it.


Energy drink / Drink

This is a collaboration with Alinamin V, a Japanese Energy Drink.

When you buy this, it comes with a screen cleaner.


The panel is really nice too.

T-point card / Membership card

It’s a collaboration between a point card and Jujutsu Kaisen.

It’s a really cool card.

I can’t stop myself from shopping for it!! haha


Prison Realm / On sale for April Fool’s Day

And Prison Realm was on sale for April Fool’s Day.

If you wanna concentrate on work or study

If you want some free time

If you wanna take a rest


This is the recommendation for you…

I wish I could have one to take a rest for 1000 years… haha


I love the collaboration of Jujutsu Kaisen. Funny, Cool, and Cute!

I gotta work hard to buy more and more… lol


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