Profiles of Jujutsu Kaisen characters in the Official Fanbook (Teacher version)

Continuing from the previous article, I’ll continue to introduce the character profiles from the Official Fanbook!!

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

This time I’m going to introduce the teachers and adults of Jujutsu High.

If you haven’t read the previous article, you should check it out.


You’ll get to know the characters more.

So let’s take a look.


Satoru Gojo

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 28 years old

Birthday:December 7

How to enter Jujutsu High: family background.

Technique: Limitless

Hobby: None (because he can do anything)

Favorite food: Sweet things

Dislikes: Alcohol

Stress: Involvement in Higher ups


Gojo actually has a weakness for alcohol.

That’s his only weakness.

I’d like to see what happens when he gets drunk.


Yokishinobu Gakuganji

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 76 years old

Hobby: Guitar

Favorite food: Tempura

Dislikes: Horse meat

Stress: Gojo


His stress is Gojo.

Yes, I can feel it when I see him talking with Gojo.



Masamichi Yaga

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 47 years old

Technique: Puppet manipulation

Hobbies: Collecting sunglasses, loving cute things

Favorite food: Iburi-gakko

Dislikes: Sweet alcohol

Stress: something to be told to Gojo directly.


Probably because Gojo is so random and insincere, everyone wants to talk to Yaga instead of Gojo.

That’s going to cause a lot of stress for him…


Atsuya Kusakabe

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Technique: None

Hobby: Fishing

Favorite food: Toro-Taku maki

Dislikes: Tuna eyeballs

Stress: General duties


I guess he wants to work as little as possible.

He’s just like me.


Utahime Iori

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 31 years old

Birthday: February 18

Hobbies: Watching sports, Karaoke

Favorite food: Alcohol

Dislikes: Sweet things

Stress: Gojo


Her favorite food and disliked food are the complete opposite of Gojo.

I guess that’s why they don’t get along.


Shoko Ieiri

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 28 years old

Birthday:November 7

Skill: Reverse Cursed Technique

Hobby: Drinking alcohol

Favorite food: Alcohol

Dislikes: Sweets

Stress: Night work


She is the only one (except Yuta) who can heal people with Reverse Cursed Technique.

That’s why the injured are usually brought to her, so she’s busy.

I guess that’s why she started to drink.


Kiyotaka Ijichi

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 27 years old

Birthday: April 20

Technique: None

Strengths: Excel

Favorite food: Udon

Dislikes: Spicy food

Stress: Gojo


He’s also stressed by Gojo.

But maybe he feels stressed about Gojo for a different reason than the others.

He feels stressed because he’s caught between Gojo and Higher ups.


Naobito Zenin

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 71 years old

Technique: Projection Sorcery

Hobby: Anime

Favorite food: Alcohol (Japanese sake)

Dislikes: fish cake (hanpen)

Stress: Gojo


So he likes anime.

I guess that’s why his technique is related to projection.

I like him a little more now.


Kento Nanami

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age: 28 years old

Birthday:July 3rd

How to enter Jujutsu High: Scout

Technique: Ratio Technique

Hobbies: Drinking and cooking for himself

Favorite food: bread and ahijos

Dislikes: Flat noodles

Stress: Overtime work


He thinks that overtime work is a disadvantage in life.

When he finishes work on time, he usually goes home to enjoy dinner, drinks, and reading books.

What a perfect person.



Mei Mei

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

How to enter Jujutsu High: Family background.

Technique: Black Bird Manipulation

Hobby: Checking money

Favorite food: pak teh

Dislikes: None

Stress: Tax


Her favorite food is pak teh.

Which is a Malaysian dish.

I think that’s why she ran away and went to Malaysia.

She’s enjoying her trip when Japan is in big trouble…



Yuki Tsukumo

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Hobby: Motorcycle

Favorite food: Chicken burrito

Dislikes: Seaweed

Stress: Missions


She hates missions.

She’s been roaming around overseas without taking missions, so her salary has been stopped.

I wonder how she makes a living…


That’s all.

How was it?

There’s not much mentioned about the adults in the main story, but they’re also well-developed.

They’re also very unique and attractive.


Next, I’ll introduce the Villains.

Please look forward to it.


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