Will Jujutsu Kaisen end in 2 years? On what Gege said at “Mando Kobayashi”

An interview with Gege Akutami was held on the Japanese TV program “Mando Kobayashi” before.

In that interview, a lot of information that has not yet been revealed elsewhere was given.


It was something that is related to the upcoming story, something that everyone has been wondering about in the story so far, etc.

It was a very informative interview.


However, I don’t think this has been broadcasted in English yet.

It’s all the things every Jujutsu Kaisen fan wants to know….

So I’m going to pick up some of the answers and share them with you.

Referenced from 漫道コバヤシ

Referenced from 漫道コバヤシ

① About the title “Jujutsu Kaisen”


Initially, Jujutsu Kaisen was planned to use the title of the chapter 6, “呪胎戴天 (Jutai Tai Ten)” as the title of the manga.

But it didn’t seem to be memorable, so he decided not to use it.


Then he wanted to include the word “Jujutsu,” and together with the story, he came up with the name “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

I also like the Japanese sound of “Jujutsu Kaisen” better.

It’s a really cool title and I like it. We all do, don’t we?


② About Yuji Itadori

His family name comes from the name of a medicinal herb, “Itadori”.

Since Yuji is a protagonist who helps people, Gege used the name of a medicinal herb.


Jujutsu Kaisen was about to be canceled at the beginning.

I can hear the incredulity in everyone’s voice. But it was.


So Gege had Yuji die on Ch.9.

If it was cancelled, he was going to leave him dead…!!

I’m really glad it didn’t end there.

It’s scary to think what would have happened if it had.


③ Character deaths


Gege doesn’t care who dies, no matter how dark it gets, as long as it makes the story interesting.

That’s why so many important characters died….


No one could expect that, could you?

This description of Nobara makes me cry no matter how many times I see it…


④ About Gojo

Gojo always wears a blindfold, but the design was changed from volume 0.

This was done to make it easier to draw since the series will be published weekly.

This is Gege’s strategy.


And at first, Prison Realm’s time setting was a day and night instead of 1 minute.

But Gege changed it to 1 minute because he thought it’s more impressive if Jogo gets angry for a short time.


⑤ About Nanami


Nanami was originally supposed to be a Curse User.

He works for a bad company and kills everyone in that company.

And he was planning to be on our side later…

Can you believe it???


I’m happy he didn’t become a Curse User.

If he were a Curse User, I can’t imagine the world…

Nanami is always on our side!!!


⑥ Ozawa’s episode


This is not an important episode, but just an daily episode.

Many people said, “Isn’t this Yuji’s Memory that doesn’t exist?”

But it’s not.


“It is not important at all.”


However, after the Shibuya Incident, such episodes can no longer be shown.

This is because Japan is going to Chaos.

This kind of daily life will never come again.



⑦ About the serialization period of Jujutsu Kaisen


At the end of Shibuya Incident, the story is about 70% finished.

And Gege said that he’s planning to finish Jujutsu Kaisen in about 2 years.

2 years…!!???


The ending has been decided, Megumi and Yuji’s ending has been decided, but he’s not sure about Sukuna’s ending.

It’s so sad that it will end only in 2 years…

This is the biggest sadness in this interview…



That’s all.

More infos were given in the actual TV program.

But you can tell from this that there was a lot of important information given by Gege.

I hope they do another show like this someday…

ASAP please…!

We really want to know more info…


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