The Secret of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Character! Gege’s comments on “Mando Kobayashi”

I’m going to introduce the details of an interview with Gege Akutami at “Mando Kobayashi” that I couldn’t tell you about in Part 1.

This time, I’d like to talk about something related to the character.


If you didn’t read part 1 yet, check it out too.

There’s a lot of information that’s only been mentioned in “Mando Kobayashi”, so you should read it.

Referenced from 漫道コバヤシ


About Ryomen Sukuna


In Gege Akutami’s generation, Ryomen Sukuna was a major Curse among horror fans, so he adopted it.

The reason why Sukuna is interested in Megumi is not about “Furube Yura Yura”. (He told the reason to Kendo Kobayashi, but it was hidden by Bleep)


I thought that Sukuna was trying to use Megumi to revive himself, but maybe it’s not true.

What is he trying to do…??

About Megumi Fushikuro


Gege chose the name “Fushiguro” because he uses the shadows.

※“黒 (Guro)” means “Black” in Japanese.


Gege thought about having him conflict with Yuji (like Naruto and Sasuke).

But after the conflict with Yuji at the Juvenile Detention Center, he felt he couldn’t have any more conflicts with Yuji, so he chose the current relationship.


About Nobara Kugisaki


She’s strongly influenced by a manga that Gege used to like called “GO! Hiromi GO!”, and its main character looks exactly like Nobara.

Gege couldn’t make her sexy because he thought, “My parents read Jujutsu Kaisen, too”.


About Todo


The name Todo came from the fact that Gege liked that because it sounds strong.

Todo is inspired by Saraki Kenpachi from BLEACH (It’s like if this guy comes, you won’t lose)


About Mechamaru


He looks like Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin.


Gege drew the cockpit battle with Evangelion in mind.

Gege wants to draw a monster battle manga someday, so that was also a preliminary exercise for that.


About Toge Inumaki


Gege can’t understand that Toge is popular even though he barely mentioned him.

It reminded him of the importance of appearances.

I love this his comment…lol


About Panda



Yes, Panda is


About Geto


The name, “Geto” comes from “Geto Kogen Ski Resort (in Iwate Prefecture)”.


About Jogo


Gege made his head into a volcano in order to make him more recognizable, like Mr.3 from One Piece.

He wanted to make sure that Jogo’s death would be well arranged.

Since Gege was impressed by Shigeru Chiba, voice actor for Jogo, He decided to draw that way.


About Hanami


He was about to show Domein Expansion and ended up not showing it, but Gege hadn’t decided what to do.


About Mahito


Gege used the “setting of interference with the form of the soul” that he had thought of in the previous manga “No.9”.


About Choso


Being careful not to let him say “Oniichan(Brother)” too often, because it sometimes sounds like Tanjiro (Demon Slayer).

3 of the Death Painting Womb were born when their mother was healthy, so they were alive.

The other 6 are dead, so there is no plan to show them up.


Chosoo’s hairstyle was based on a female model Gege saw in a fashion magazine.


About Yuki Tsukumo


The lines under her eyes are teardrops, not the kind of thing that Yuji has.

That means Yuki and Yuji have no particular relation.


That’s it.

There’s a lot of information about the characters.

Watching this interview, you can see how much thought Gege put into creating Jujutsu Kaisen.


There’s more information, so I’ll post it in another article.


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