Profiles of Jujutsu Kaisen characters in the Official Fanbook (Villain version)

Continuing from the previous article, I’ll continue to introduce the character profiles from the Official Fanbook!!


This time I’m going to introduce the Villain characters.

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You’ll get to know the characters more.

And if you read this article, you’ll get to know the profiles of most of the characters in JJK.

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・Suguru Geto

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age of death: 26 years old

Date of birth: February 3

How to enter Jujutsu High: Scouting

Technique: Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Hobby: Martial arts

Favorite food: Soba

Dislikes: None

Stress: Absorbing Cursed Spirits


Geto doesn’t have any disliked food.

Maybe this is because he’s always absorbing Cursed Spirits, and there’s nothing worse than that…?

It seems that Cursed Spirits taste really bad.


Indeed, he would feel any food taste good.


・Toji Fushiguro

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Date of birth: December 31

Heavenly Restriction: Physically gifted

Hobby: Gambling

Favorite Food: Meat and tripe

Dislikes: Alcohol (for not getting drunk at all)

Stress: Zenin Clan


Toji is really good at drinking!!

Maybe Megumi is also a strong drinker?


・Shiu Kong

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Nationality: Korean

Hobby: Tropical fish

Favorite food: Tobacco, cheese

Dislikes: Black beans

Stress: Hospitality


He’s a character from Gojo’s Past Arc.

According to an interview with Gege Akutami, he may possibly appear in the future.

I’m looking forward to it!!


・Junpei Yoshino

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Age at death: 17 years old

Hometown: Kanagawa


Favorite food: Tenshinhan

Dislikes:Herring roe

Stress: School


School is stressful for him….

He must have been bullied that badly….



Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Technique: Blood Manipulation

Hobby: Brother

Dislikes: Noritoshi Kamo


And his hairstyle was inspired by a fashion model.

It looks really good on him.



Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Origin: Human

Technique: Idle Transfiguration

Hobby: Harassment, Humans

Food Dislikes: Humans


For Mahito, humans are both his favorite and his least favorite.

He was born from the negative emotions of humans, and on the other hand, he plays with them.



Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Origin: Earth

Hobby: Collecting Cursed Tool

Dislikes: Humans, especially Gojo.


He doesn’t like Gojo.

I guess he’s not very good at him after getting beaten up so badly by him.



Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Origin: Forest

Hobby: Delicious air

Dislikes: Humans.


Everyone hates Humans…


・Ryomen Sukuna

Referenced from 呪術廻戦 公式ファンブック

Hobbies: Harassment, eating

Dislikes: Nothing in particular (he doesn’t care about anyone but himself)


Sukuna likes eating.

It seems that the reason he has Uraume at his side is because Uraume can cook.

Maybe it has something to do with his Technique as well…?


That’s all.

How was them?


I think you could understand JJK characters very well.

And the contents of this fanbook are up to volume 15.

It would be good if there’s a second fanbook in the future!!


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