[Jujutsu Kaisen 149] Maki and Mai’s Sisterly Love is Too Sad

Chapter 149 was a very sad story.

Mai died for Maki, and Maki’s Heavenly Restriction was awakened.


Chapter 149 was about their sisterhood.

After reading chapter 149, I can’t stop crying when I look back at the story.,,

This time, I’ll write about Maki and Mai.


Maki and Mai are identical twins


They are identical twins.

And according to Mai, Cursed Techniques treat identical twins as one individual.


So Mai created a sword for Maki and died.

She also took her Cursed Energy with her, so Maki got 0 Cursed Energy.


In a sad sacrifice, Maki gained the same physicality as Toji.

In the fan book, it said that Maki gained the same physicality as Toji by throwing away something.

But what she threw away to do so was too much…

And now that Maki has the same physicality as Toji, she looks just like Toji.

Mai calls Maki “big sister”


Mai called Maki “big sister” just before she died.

In chapter 41, Maki told Mai to call her “big sister,” but I didn’t expect that the first time she called her “big sister” was right before she died.


It’s too sad.


Maki and Mai’s names

Their names are a good representation of their circumstances.

Maki and Mai share the same letter “真 (Ma)”.

However, the other character is different.


This is the meaning of their names.

The character “依 (I)” in Mai also means dependence.

At first, I thought she was named that because she was dependent on Maki.

But it actually had a different meaning.


The Direction of the Animation

Watching episode 14 of anime now, I can’t stop crying over the direction.

So in anime, the two were contrasted.

And it shows that they are one in two.


There are a lot of other directions about them, look at my Twitter.


Chapter 149 was a really sad but wonderful chapter.

I’m glad that Maki became so strong, but I was more sad that she died.


Maki is going to destroy the Zenin Clan next…?

There have been a lot of painful stories lately, so I hope we get some happy stories soon.


Thank you for reading!!!

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