Jujutsu Kaisen | True meaning of the title of chapter 148 and 149

Chapter 148 and 149 of Jujutsu Kaisen is about Zenin Clan.
Its title is “Be fully prepared”.

This title looks simple, but it actually has a very deep meaning in Japanese.
In Japanese, the title is “葦を啣む”.

Which directly translates to “A Reed in the mouth”.

It comes from a proverb, and its origin matches the story.


The Goose holding a Reed in its mouth


The original proverb for the titles of chapter 148 and 149 is “The Goose holding a Reed in its mouth”.

The meaning of this proverb is “to be fully prepared when doing something”.

It comes from the idea that when geese fly far across the sea, they hold a withered reed in their mouths to rest their wings at sea.

In other words, “a fully prepared goose”.


The title of chapter148 and 149 is “To be fully prepared”, which is came from “A Reed in the mouth (葦を啣む)”.

Then, what would be the goose in the story?

That is actually in chapter 148 and 149….!!


Geese = Mai


In chapter 149, Mai saved Maki in exchange for her life.

Look at what Mai handed to Maki at that time.


This looks like the tip of some kind of plant.

Actually, it’s a “Reed”.


The tip of the reed was then transformed into a Cursed Tool that Mai created.

So, the title “Be fully prepared” means that Mai was ready to give everything to Maki in exchange for her life.

Thus, Goose = Mai!!


Flying Geese


Maori sacrificed her own life to save Maki.

At that time, the goose is flying away.


This means that Mai’s life has taken off (died).

It may also mean that she was liberated from the constraints of the Zenin Clan.


A formation of geese

There is another scene that relates to geese.

Look at this scene.


The birds are flying in a group behind Mai.

This is actually a habit of geese, who fly in a V-shaped formation when they travel long distances.

This reduces the air resistance to their companions behind them and allows them to fly longer distances.

They move in cooperation with their companions.


So this indicates the cooperation between Maki and Mai!!


As you can see, the titles of chapter 148 and 149 have a very deep meaning.

It’s not just about “Be fully prepared”.


It’s an elaborate title that is also reflected in the story….

Gege Akutami is truly a genius!!


Thank you for reading!!!

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