10 Mysteries That Have Yet to Be Revealed in Jujutsu Kaisen 【Part 1】

JJK is on hiatus right now.

But when it comes back, it’s gonna be very exciting.

Because there are many things that are yet to be revealed.

There are many, but there are 10 particularly big mysteries.

①Why is Sukuna targeting Megumi?

②When will Sukuna chant “Enchain”?

③Who’s the Spy?

④What is Uraume’s true identity?

⑤What was “That” Todo said?

⑥How did Rika come back?

⑦Yuji’s physical strength.

⑧The relationship between Yuki and Tengen

⑨Sukuna’s Technique

⑩Who Dropped Sukuna’s Finger?


It would be very long to explain everything.

So in this article, I’ll introduce ① to ⑤.

Check them out, and let’s get ready for the restart!!


①Why is Sukuna targeting Megumi?

As I say in this tweet, Megumi’s technique may be able to revive people.

His technique is “Ten Shadow Technique”.

This is based on the Japanese legend, “十種神宝 (Ten Treasure)”.

One of the treasures is a magical ball that can revive people.

Therefore, it is said that Megumi’s technique can bring people back to life.

However, according to an interview with Gege Akutami, this is not true.

In the interview, he explained to the interviewer the true reason why Sukuna is interested in Megumi.

We could not hear what Gege was saying, but he said there was another reason.


What is the reason…?!

I’m really curious!!

②When will Sukuna chant “Enchain”?

In chapter 11, he made a deal with Yuji.

Which is that if he chanted “Enchain,” Yuji has to let him take over his body for one minute.

However, Sukuna can’t hurt anyone during that time.

This binding vow was done in chapter 11, but even now in episode 152 it is not used.

There are 2 possible timings.


One is during the Culling Game.


In the Culling Game, you can add one more rule by earning points.

Maybe he will add a new rule at that time.


The second is something related to Megumi.


As you can see in ①, he is targeting Megumi.

He may chant “Enchain” at some point and do something to Megumi.

We’ll have to keep an eye on his moves from now on.


③Who’s the Spy?

As you can see in my tweet, I think it is Gakuganji or Shoko.

Because Utahime said that the spy is higher than the principal.

Then Gakuganji is the only character above the principal that is currently shown in the story.


Or Shoko is very suspicious.


There are 3 reasons.

1: She is one of the few people who knew that Yuji is still alive.

In chapter 10, Kenjaku said, “Well, I wonder”.


This means that someone must have leaked it to him.

And Shoko is the one who could have done it.


2: Chapter 113.


She said to Yaga, “I’ll be fine alone”.

But she’s not very good at fighting.

Why did she say it? Fine?

Maybe she was trying to do something at this moment…


3: Her smoking.


As mentioned in this article, when she smokes, something bad is happening.

Bad things happen when Shoko Ieiri smokes?

Gege may be implying something….


④What is Uraume’s true identity?

According to the official fanbook, they used to be a cook for Sukuna.

But how did they come from 1000 years ago?

I can think of 2 possibilities.


1. She was inside the Prison Realm.

This is often said among JJK fans.

However, according to Tengen, the Prison Realm was discovered overseas by Kenjaku.

If so, did they enter the Prison Realm in the belief that Kenjaku would find them in 1000 years?

I think this is highly unlikely…

2. Incarnated into a human.

They may have incarnated like Choso or Sukuna.

In that case, their appearance should be changed more than the original.

That might be why Sukuna could not recognize them at first.

Uraume’s true identity would be revealed in the future.


⑤What was “That” Todo said?

Todo was about to say something to Yuji.

But because Yuji’s mind was weak at that time, he didn’t say anything.

What did he see before he came to Shibuya and met Yuji?


Maybe it was about Toge.

But I feel like it’s something worse…


That’s it for ① to ⑤.

You guys are wondering about these mysteries, aren’t you?


There are many important mysteries in JJK.

But this means that the story of JJK will continue more!!

Let’s enjoy JJK for a long time while trying to figure out these mysteries.

And don’t forget to look forward to mysteries ⑥ to ⑩!!


Thank you for reading!!!

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