10 Mysteries That Have Yet to Be Revealed in Jujutsu Kaisen 【Part 2】

I’ll show you guys ⑥ to ⑩ out of 10 mysteries this time.

If you haven’t checked out part 1 yet, please read that too.

Bad things happen when Shoko Ieiri smokes?

There are many mysteries that will surprise you.


This part is the last  for 10 mysteries.

If you read part 1 and part 2, you will know what to focus on when reading JJK from today.


By the way, here are the 10 mysteries.

①Why is Sukuna targeting Megumi?

②When will Sukuna chant “Enchain”?

③Who’s the Spy?

④What is Uraume’s true identity?

⑤What was “That” Todo said?

⑥How did Rika come back?

⑦Yuji’s physical strength.

⑧The relationship between Yuki and Tengen

⑨Sukuna’s Technique

⑩Who Dropped Sukuna’s Finger?

Let’s check them out.


⑥How did Rika come back?

Rika is Queen of Curses that haunted Yuta in volume 0.

She was supposed to be dispelled at the end of volume 0.


But she suddenly reappeared in chapter 137 and 141.

How did she come back?

Did she come back of her own will, for Yuta’s sake?

Whatever it is, I don’t think she is the same than before.

Look at her hands.



The nails on Rika’s hands in volume 0 are sharp.

It’s just like a curse.

But now, her nails are trimmed.

She also has a kind of nail polish on her hands…


And then the way Yuta calls Rika is changed.


In volume 0, he calls her “Rika” in Kanji(里香).

But now, he calls her in Katakana(リカ).


Why is it changed?

There must be a big reason here.

I think that’s why she’s with Yuta in a different way than before.


⑦Yuji’s physical strength.

His physical strength is extraordinary.

He can run 50 meters in 3 seconds.

And he can throw a car easily.

He is not an ordinary person, is he?


There are 2 possible reasons for his physical strength.

1. From his mother


His mother is a Kenjaku.

Yuji might be created by him, like Choso.

Probably he was made physically strong so that he could be a vessel for Sukuna.

2. Heavenly Restriction


Maybe his physical strength is due to Heavenly Restriction.

Just like Maki.


Because Yuji doesn’t have any Cursed Technique.

And he didn’t have any Cursed Energy as well.

His Cursed Energy is the result of taking in Sukuna.

So maybe he has high physics instead of having No Cursed Energy.


⑧The relationship between Yuki and Tengen

They must have some close relationship.

Yuki told Geto in chapter 77 that “Tengen is stable”.

Then, in chapter 138, she said that “It’s about time I confront Tengen”.


Tengen has not met Yuki for the first time either.

What’s going on between them?

And what is the true identity of Yuki?!


⑨Sukuna’s Technique

Do you guys know the previous Gege’s manga “No.9”?

In this manga, Protagonist fights with various techniques by pulling out various things from boxes.


When he does that, he calls “■Open”

It’s the same call that Sukuna used when he released the flame.

If they have the same ability, then it makes sense that Sukuna can use both slashes and flames.


By the way, the protagonist of No.9 is named Tsukumo.

It’s the same family name as Yuki’s.

I think Gege might have taken some of the settings from No.9.


⑩ Who dropped Sukuna’s finger?

I think there are 2 suspicious people.


One is Kenjaku.

He made Yuji to be Sukuna’s vessel.

So he must have wanted to give Yuji Sukuna’s finger.

But there is one problem.

He had a plan to seal Gojo, so it was unlikely that he would risk him finding it.

He could have used someone else.


That’s Mimiko and Nanako.

Look at this scene from chapter 1.


It’s blurry, but don’t you think it looks like them?


That’s it.

There are many other mysteries left in JJK, but these are the important ones for now.

After reading part 1 and part 2, you guys will know where to focus on.

Thinking about these mysteries is one of the fun things about JJK!!


Thank you for reading!!!

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