I predicted Jujutsu Kaisen will resume on August 2 before it’s announced!!

Jujutsu Kaisen has been on hiatus since June 10th.

Gege Akutami is not feeling well, so he’s taking an indefinite hiatus.


He said in his comments that he would be back in about a month.

It’s already officially announced that It’ll be back on August 2nd.

But actually, I predicted it even before it was announced!

I predicted the return date based on some reason

I’ll tell you the reasons.

WSJ will not be released on July 26th

Actually, the WSJ will not be published on July 26.

WSJ is not released on a holiday week.

And the week before that is a merger issue.


Next week’s WSJ, which will be released on July 19, is a merger issue.

It is also announced in the preview of ONEPIECE.

So the next issue after July 19 will be August 2.

August 2 is a good time.

Gege has said in the comments when he takes a break that he will take about a month off.

I know it depends on his health, but don’t you think August 2 is good timing?

※Check out his tweets for translations.

He started taking a break on June 10 and will continue on August 2.

That would give him roughly a month and a half off.


Hiatus for about a month.

And then resume after that.

So I thought it’s perfect timing!!


For these reasons, I expected JJK to come back on August 2.

And this just got real!


But Gege’s health is the most important thing.

 I hope he will keep his health in mind and not push himself too hard.


We want him to finish JJK safely.

And he’s still young.

So I’m looking forward to seeing what he does after JJK.

I want him to stay healthy for that.

I’ll support him forever!!


Thank you for reading!!!

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