4 points to check before JJK restarts on Aug 2!!!

Finally, Jujutsu Kaisen will resume!

It’s been on hiatus since June 10th and will resume on August 2nd.


I’ve been waiting for a month and a half for this day…


Do you guys remember what’s going on?

Culling Game arc is complicated, so it’s hard to remember I guess.

So I made a power map of the Culling Game.

There are 4 points that will be important in the story.


Defense battle for Tengen.


Toge’s whereabouts.

Scouting Hakari


Let’s review these 4 points that will become important in the future!

① The battle to protect Tengen

Yuji and everyone met Tengen and received a lot of advice from him.

Then, Tengen told them something shocking.


“Tengen is the target of Kenjaku’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation”


So, Kenjaku could use him for his own purposes!

If he were to do so, the world would literally end.


In order to protect Tengen, Yuki and Choso left with him.


So Kenjaku would come here to take him away.

Let’s see how this fight turns out!


Will it be Kenjaku vs. Yuki & Choso?

Or will Uraume join too?

It’s gonna be a very intense fight!!


② Angel is the most important person.


Our first goal is to unseal Gojo.

Once he gets unsealed, everything will be solved.


The key to breaking the seal is Angel named “Kurusu Hana”.


Her Technique can extinguish any Cursed Technique.

Her technique is the only way to unseal Gojo!!


However, all we know yet is that she is a sorcerer from 1000 years ago like Uraume, and she is the Culling Game Player.


We don’t know about her personality, but I don’t think she’s going to cooperate easily.

She might try to negotiate with us…?!


③ Where did Toge go?


Toge had his arm cut off by Sukuna.

However, nothing has been revealed about his actions since then.


And among the Tokyo Jujutsu High students, Only Toge is still not much talked about.

His identity remains a mystery to us.


What is he doing?

Maybe his behavior will become important in the future….?


④ What will happen to Hakari’s scouting?

Yuji and Megumi are working on scouting Hakari.

Hakari is a third-year student at Jujutsu High.


He’s currently suspended from school,  he’s very strong.

According to Yuta, Hakari is stronger than him when he’s in good condition.


However, I’m a little worried about the preview for chapter 153.

“Itadori is on his way to Hakari, but…!”


What’s going to happen?!

It looks like some event is going to happen!!


These are the 4 points to keep in mind for the upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen.

Personally, I’m curious about Toge’s whereabouts.


Some people are saying he’s the SPY, but I don’t want him to become villain.

Check out the contents of Culling Game and get ready for the resumption!!


Thank you for reading!!!

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