Japanese Reaction to Chainsaw Man Chapter 119

Chainsaw Man chapter 119 was out!


Denji and Asa’s date at home.

And finally ….


Nayuta showed up! !






How was it?

It’s been 2 weeks since the last chapter.

It was so fun, wasn’t it?


I didn’t expect Nayuta to like Denji that much.

And the detailed descriptions were good.


Denji and Nayuta’s life.

I laughed so hard when he counted the number of farts.






Why on earth did they do it? lol


Well, I enjoyed it a lot.


This time, I’ll show you the Japanese reaction to chapter 119.

It was also trending on Twitter.


This week, the following reactions were frequent.

About Asa

・About Nayuta

Compare them with your thoughts!!


Here are some of the interesting things I saw.

Let’s take a look.

Japanese Reaction to Asa


”Every time a woman kisses Denji.
He drinks vomit
Or bite his tongue out…
Maybe it’s because he’s been through so much, Denji has learned his lesson.
He keeps his mouth closed so tight.”




Denji’s mouth is closed.




He must be traumatized by kissing.

It must be a very painful experience for Denji.

This is a detailed direction by Fujimoto Sensei.

Denji is improving.



“Yoru kissed Denji with a cool face, but the embarrassed look on her face. 

Even though her emotions are shared with Asa, she completely fell in love.


Yoru’s face is turning red!

I didn’t notice it…

Asa and Yoru share emotions.

That’s why she’s embarrassed when she kissed Denji.

“You know, Yoru is still trying to get Denji Spinal Sword.”


She’s putting her hands on Denji!

Yoru hadn’t given up yet.

Did she think Denji would fall in love with her if she kissed him?



This is the Japanese reaction about Asa.


・The way Denji kissed her.

・Yoru’s facial expression

・ Yoru’s behavior.


So many details are packed in this chapter.

And it’s amazing to find them.

Reading Chainsaw Man with the reactions of others is one of the ways to enjoy Chainsaw Man!!

Japanese Reaction to Nayuta



When she appeared at the end of the Part 1, she’s just like a little girl, but now she looks like Makima!”

Nayuta has grown up!!

Compared to the past, she has matured.

Control Devil grows up quickly in a short time?

What do you guys think?

“I thought it was Nayuta, but it was Radcliffe.”

Oh my God, exactly the same.

Male version of Nayuta was here.

I can’t stop laughing…lol




I thought Nayuta was skipping watering.

But it was wrong.

Sloppy Denji…

Excessive Nayuta…

They were expressed with houseplants.

Fujimoto Sensei is a genius!!



That’s all.

How was it?


Chainsaw man is very interesting.

But it’s more fun when you understand the details.


Japanese fans teach us that.


Especially about houseplants.

Did you guys notice that?


It’s hard to notice all these details.

Didn’t realize there was such an intention in this panel.

Reaction about Asa.

Reaction about Nayuta.

They are all interesting and surprising.


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