Jujutsu Kaisen 【Ch.234】Gojo VS. Sukuna climax incoming?!

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Now let’s talk about the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, Ch.234.

The battle between Gojo and Sukuna is getting more and more intense.

And it is about to reach its climax!


Are you ready to read Ch.234?

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it on Manga+ first. It’s an official website and free.


If you’re in the car or on the train right now and can’t read the manga, I want you to listen to it while remembering the scenes.

I’ll explain each page as I read the dialogue, so try your best to remember them.

Then read it again when you are home .


I’ll post the images and references on my blog, so check it out too.

You will find something new.

Let’s go.


「Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 234」

I’m going to read each pages of Ch. 234, 19 pages in total.


Page 1.

This chapter starts with the panel of Yuta’s hand.


Next to Yuta’s hand on page 1.

In Japanese ver. has the following text



trans.) Okkotsu intervenes in the “strongest” matchup.


The strongest is marked with a bracket, and it is designed to draw attention to it.

Gojo and Sukuna, indeed the strongest matchup.


This chapter begins with Yuta’s words.


I’m Going to join the fight.

No, Come back


Don’t Interfere.

If anyone’s next… It isn’t you


Page 2

Hakari tells Yuta to calm down.

Chill, Okkotsu.

Kashimo is right.

Gojo said he only wants help if he gets weaker than you or me

So, now is not the right time yet.


But wait.

Hakari is saying Gojo is not weaker than them yet?


Gojo has brain damage and can’t use Domain Expansion anymore, he is worn out from his fight with Sukuna and can’t use 100% of his Cursed Energy.

Still Gojo is stronger than Yuta and Hakari…?!


Gojo is literally a monster.

Then Yuta says…

That depends on the circumstances.

Sukuna’s Domain Just got wrecked.

Rika and I would be effective against Two Shikigami.


Then Maki says Yuta is Insurance.

No, I’m the Obvious choice.

Aw C’Mon!

Don’t forget your Role.

If you die, we lose all our insurance.

If we beat Sukuna now, That insurance won’t be necessary.

So we should take a chance.


What does she mean by Yuta “Insurance”?

It means Back Up.

If Gojo loses, Yuta, Hakari, and Maki will have to fight Sukuna.

Also, Yuta is the only remaining Special Grade Sorcerer besides Gojo, so he is the biggest one for us.


So he is our biggest insurance.

Okkotsu Senpai…

Do it.

You Have to.

Yuji asked Yuta to fight, but Kusakabe stopped him.


Page 3

Wait, You Don’t Understand Anything. Gimme a Break Guys

In English, Kusakabe says this, but it’s a little different in Japanese.


「待て待て なーんにも分かってねえじゃん。」

「頼むぜ ガキ共」


He calls Yuji and Yuta “ガキ共” 

In English, it’s like “little kids”.

That’s why Yuta and Yuji look pissed off.


Mei Mei then talks about the difference between Gojo and Sukuna’s win condition.


They each need something different for victory.

Gojo just needs to beat Sukuna, because the rest of us can probably handle Kenjaku.

But even if Sukuna beats Gojo, He still has to immedeately fight us.

Gojo just needs to beat Sukuna.

But even if Sukuna beats Gojo, he still has to fight Yuta and Hakari.


In other words, Gojo is fighting at 100% right now, but Sukuna is not at 100% yet.


And Hakari says,

He Must be holding back a killer move.

And if we go out, He might unleash it.


What is Sukuna’s trump card?

I think it is the “Open” Technique he used on Jogo at Shibuya Incident or something like cursed tool Yorozu gave to Sukuna.


Especially, I think the “Open Technique” is important.

It appeared in Gege Sensei’s previous manga.


Which is a manga called No.9.

Tsukumo, the main character of the manga, used the same technique.


It is a Technique that produces various weapons from a box-like object and attacks.

If it is the same as Sukuna’s, it means that Sukuna can use other techniques as well as flame arrow.

It seems that there are other powerful techniques other than Flame Arrow hidden in there.


So, Gojo has the best chance of winning if he fights alone.


Page 4


So we Shouldn’t ask for more trouble?



That’s right.

That monster uraume is on standby too.

Sukuna can’t afford to unload everything he has.

But Gojo can fight unhindered.

This carries the best chance of success.


Kusakabe says “Gojo can fight Un-hindered”.

And Yuta says “Unhindered…” but the nuance is a little different in Japanese.


In Japanese, Kusakabe refers to Yuta as 足手纏い.

足手纏い means ”nuisance” or “dragging someone down”.


Yuta was trying to help Gojo, but was called 足手纏い.

So he is a little angry about it.


But Kashimo is the only one who has a different reason.


Are all this era’s sorcerers this clueless?

You’re missing the point.

This fight is for Satoru Gojo’s sake. 

Whatever Happens, it would be wrong to intervene.


Why is he saying this?

This is because Kashimo knows how lonely they are.


Kashimo used to be the strongest.

But because of that, there was no one at that time with whom he could fight all out, and he felt lonely.

That is why he made a contract with Kenjaku to fight Sukuna, who was the strongest in history.


The same goes for Gojo and Sukuna.

They two were the strongest and felt lonely.

So they are enjoying this fight where they can fight with their best.

So Kahimo is saying that no one should interfere with this fight.


Page 5~6

The scene then returns to Gojo’s fight on the next page.

Gojo fights for 2 pages, firing something like Black Flash at Agito.


Page 7

And Gojo put out some new information.


That’s Nue with some of Great Serpent, Tiger Funeral and Round Deer mixed into it.


In fact, this Agito is a fusion of four shikigami.


Great Serpent

Tiger Funeral

Round Deer 

And Nue.


We see a new name of Shikigami.

We couldn’t see it, but it is called Tiger Funeral.


In Japanese, it is called 虎葬.

虎 means Tiger.

葬 means Funeral or Bury.


You can tell from the name that it seems very strong.


And Agito is based on Nue.

Original Nue is a yokai in Japanese history with the face of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the limbs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake.


So Sukuna mixed up Shikigami to make the real one.


And Gojo says,

The key is Round Deer’s regeneration.

It hasn’t adapted to limitless cursed technique, but the condition for me to win is to destroy them with one punch, just like for Mahoraga.


From there, the battle between Gojo, Mahoraga, and Agito begins again.

Mahoraga adapted to Gojo’s Limitless, but Gojo still overwhelmed them.


The fight continues until page 10

Gojo says, 

You’re repeating yourself.

I can’t let Sukuna heal.

I need to prioritize destroying Agito.


And Sukuna

This is fine for now…

As long as I don’t let him use purple.

When Purple really cuts loose, its output is over 120% with some kind of binding vow.

However, I got away with just losing two reinforced hands when taking a direct hit at just four kilometers.

Neither of us is at full strength.

If he lands a hit with purple at this distance, at even just 100 percent, It’d be fatal.


Sukuna doesn’t want Gojo to use Purple.

The first Purple was 200%, but it didn’t do that much damage because it was 4 km away.

Gojo was in Shibuya Sky Tower in Shibuya, while Sukuna was in Center Building in Shinjuku.

They were actually 4km apart in real too.


And even if it is at 100% power now, it would be fatal to Sukuna, accordingly

I think Gojo might be close to defeating Sukuna.


Page 11.

Sukuna then speaks to Mahoraga.

Mahoraga,… How long are you gonna make me wait?

That’s not what I wanna see.

Forget Megumi Fushiguro. You are my Shadow now.


Show me what you got.


Ten shadow Technique now belongs to Sukuna, not Megumi.


Then, the Wheel’s turned, Mahoraga slash and cut off Gojo’s right arm on page 12.

Mahoraga had now learned Sukuna’s Dismantle.

He must have learned it because he had received Sukuna’s Dismantle at the Shibuya Incident.


Page 13.

Sukuna looked at it and said Very good.

In Japanese, Sukuna just says “良い”.


In Japanese, “いい” is usually used to mean “good”.

良い also means good, but it is mainly used in written language.

So it is more formal way of saying it.


Mahoraga is now the Shadow of Sukuna, so Sukuna must have felt like a king when he said it.


And Kusakabe, Yuji, and Shoko are very surprised to see it.


Mahoraga with a slashing attack?

He threw the slash?

Just Like Sukuna!

Uh-Oh! Gojo’s healing power is low!


We’ve never seen Shoko in such a mess.


Page 14.

Sukuna sees this is a good chance then get out of the shadows and startt attacking Gojo.


Page 15.

But Gojo noticed.

Agito is the only one who is out of balance compared to the others.


This Whole time…

You haven’t been able to keep up like the others.


Pages 16, 17.

Gojo squashed Agito with Maximum Output Blue.

Mahoraga is protecting Sukuna at that time.

Looks like father and son.


Page 18, 19

And the last 2 pages are very exciting.

41 Seconds from now, for the second time, Satoru Gojo’s Hollow Purple will cut through Shinjuku!

The comment on the last page says, “And the battle reaches its climax!(そして激闘は最高潮へ)”


So Gojo’s next shot of Purple has been officially announced!

Gojo shots Purple, and how will the battle go?

What will happen in the next 41 seconds?

I’m curious to see what happens next.


And I’m gonna talk about my predictions next.

What happens next?

I think the battle will be over in a couple more chapters.


In the next Chapter, Gojo manages to get Purple ready in 41 seconds and unleashes it.

It will probably hit Mahoraga and Mahoraga will be defeated.


Then Sukuna should use his killer move next.

I feel that is where the next Chapter ends.


I think the fact that Sukuna was said to be holding back the killer move in ch.234 is a foreshadowing for Sukuna to use it.


And will he use that trump card to beat Gojo, or will Gojo still win?

I think the battle moves forward in a big way in the next chapter.

I’m really looking forward to the next story.


That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?


I believe your understanding of Chapter 234 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!


Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.