Jujutsu Kaisen 【Ch.235】Meanings of Gojo’s Cursed Chant?

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This is my second podcast.

But I have to apologize to you guys.


I was supposed to make a podcast for Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Ep. 31, but I got the flu and couldn’t make it.

Also, I couldn’t make the YouTube live that I do every week when the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen comes out.


I had a fever up to 40 degrees Celsius, and it was terrible.

I think it’s 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’ve never had a fever like that before.

But even when I had a fever, I didn’t leave anime/manga.

I had time to reread Hunter Hunter after a long time.


Hunter Hunter is always interesting.

It made me forget the pain of the fever.


But be careful when you travel to Japan because there is a flu going around right now.

If you get sick during your trip, it will ruin everything.


Anyway, sorry for those who were looking forward to seeing me.


Now that I’m feeling better, I’ll start the podcast again.

This week’s Jujutsu Kaisen was really interesting, so listen to the end of this podcast.

There’s a lot of information that you can’t get from just reading it in English.


Spoiler Alert!

This channel contains spoilers.

It is made for those who watch the anime, read the manga once, and then want to know more about it.

I highly suggest that you listen to it while opening the manga or watching the anime at the same time.

I hope you will find them more interesting and you will learn about the efforts and awesomeness of Japanese creators.


This time I will talk about Jujutsu Kaisen Ch.235.

This chapter was the most exciting battle ever.


It is the climax of the battle.

But is this really the end of the story?

We still can’t predict how things are going to go.


Anyway I’ll explain in detail as I read the dialog page by page.


I think you’re especially interested in these things.

The Japanese meanings of Gojo’s Cursed Chant.

Details of Gojo’s moves up to Purple.

Did Gojo really win?

Kyle’s next prediction


You want to know these things, don’t you?

So, I will explain them in detail!


Are you ready to read Ch.235?

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it on Manga+ first. It’s an official website and free.


If you’re in the car or on the train right now and can’t read the manga, I want you to listen to it while remembering the scenes.

I’ll explain each page as I read the dialogue, so try your best to remember them.

Then read it again when you are home .


I’ll post the images and references on my blog, so check it out too.

You will find something new.


Let’s go.

「Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235」


I’ll read all 19 pages of Ch. 235 page by page.


Page 1

Chapter 235 began with Gojo defeating AGITO with Blue.

In the Japanese version, the editor’s comment is at the beginning.





In English,

The winning move is “BLUE”

AGITO, knockout!


And if you look at the bottom panel of the first page, Gojo’s right arm is healing.

In Reverse Cursed Technique, you heal from the muscle fibers.


Cursed spirits seem to have arms growing back like a bubble, but humans grow back a little differently.

And the narration lines on pages 1 to 2.


A second Black Flash

And Storu Gojo’s Voltage Ramps Up.

Meanwhile, The king of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna is uneasy for the first time in a millennium.


Gojo’s face on page 2 is very cool.

His face is just like the high school Gojo’s face when he awakened in Season 2.


And Sukuna is uneasy for the first time in a millennium.

This means that 1000 years ago Sukuna had a situation as tense as now.


So there was a sorcerer as strong as Gojo and Sukuna 1000 years ago?!


Is it Abe no Seimei, known as the strongest sorcerer in Japanese history?

Or Yuta’s ancestor, Sugawara no Michizane?

In any case, 1000 years ago must have been an extraordinary era.


It was truly the Golden age of Jujutsu.


Page 3

Gojo’s third Black Flash explodes!


And in the last panel of page 3, Gojo is moving at high speed with an onomatopoeic sound of “ギュア”.

This onomatopoeia sounds very fast and powerful.


Gojo must have released Black Flash three times to be able to move this fast.


Pages 4, 5

The Hand to Hand battle between Gojo and Sukuna, Mahoraga continues.


Gojo takes Sukuna’s hand and throws it.

Mahoraga receives it and Gojo fires another Black Flash.


The movements up to this point are drawn with a great sense of speed.

Especially, the last panel on page 5 is drawn from Mahoraga’s point of view.


This emphasizes the power of Gojo’s Black Flash.


Gege-sensei is very good at drawing Hand to Hand battles, isn’t he?

It is clear to see what is going on, and it is very powerful.

It’s GOAT.


Pages 6, 7

Gojo’s lines



Pillar of light(光の柱)


And the narration

The Occurance of Cursed Energy is when it wells forth from a sorcerer immediately before they activate a Cursed Technique.

It directly precedes activation of a major technique, like domain expansion or a can’t miss attack.

Despite efficiency with cursed energy, Gojo is no different, especially not when using Hollow Purple.

Sukuna determined from the cursed chant and scale of Cursed Energy, that the occurrence to follow would be cursed technique reversal Red.

Indeed, that determination wasn’t wrong.


Sukuna says

I’ll defend with Mahoraga and adapt to make doubly sure.


Cursed Technique Reversal.


This page explains that everyone has a cursed energy occurance before using Technique.

It’s a little confusing, but you had a similar explanation in Baki.

Before a person moves your body, your brain sends an electrical signal.

Martial art masters catch this signal and attack, defend, or dodge.


The same thing can happen with the Cursed Energy.


In other words, Sukuna is able to predict what the opponent will do next by seeing the occurance of Cursed Energy.

Do you see how amazing this is?


Gojo has Six Eyes, so he can see the Cursed Energy.

But Sukuna can predict when Gojo will use Red, even though he doesn’t have Six Eyes!

He’s literally a  monster.


And Gojo’s Cursed Chant.

You’re probably wondering what this means in Japanese, right?

I’ll explain it all together later, so look forward to it.


Pages 8, 9

Gojo hit Red directly above himself!


Then Sukuna noticed something and ordered Mahoraga.



Then Mahoraga chases after the Red released by Gojo.



Hollow purple causes Laps and reversals to collide and thrusts forward the resulting virtual mass.



Page 10, 11

Narration continue:

Gojo released red, but just past it was Azure, which had remained after crashing Agito.

Like the red dust swung out around the government offices to approach Sukuna from behind, the red about to explode had no speed.

Having adopted and gained the ability to eliminate it without fail, Mahoraga had orders to reach Azure first, before blocking a collision with red.

Even as Mahoraga Judged that its actions would be successful.


Gojo uses the attraction of Azure to move at high speed Between Mahoraga and Azure.

Without a chance to choose a target for their cursed technique, Mahoraga had adapted to Azure.


Thus Azure’s attraction didn’t affect the Shikigami.

In other words, adaptation had backfired.


So Gojo is trying to make Purple by colliding Blue, which defeated AGITO, and Red,

Sukuna noticed this and sent Mahoraga to destroy Blue.

Mahoraga had not yet adapted perfectly to Red, so he tried to destroy Blue.


However, Mahoraga is not affected by the attraction because he’s already adapted to Blue.

Gojo, on the other hand, used Blue’s attraction to move at high speed and catch up with Mahoraga.


That’s a lot of information in just these two pages.

As is often the case in Bleach and Hunter Hunter, there is no dialogue and the narration does the explaining.

I like this method, very cool.


Pages 12, 13


Immediately before the collision with Azure, Sukuna uses piercing blood to Trigger Red and cause it to explode.


Sukuna had already prepared his next action as well!

While having Gojo focus his attention on Mahoraga, Sukuna attempted to destroy Red.

Very well-prepared.


Gojo tries to stop Sukuna, but a little too late!

Piercing Blood heads towards Red.



Too late.


But Gojo starts chanting Cursed Chant.

Phase (位相)


Eyes of wisdom(知恵の瞳)




Gojo Chants the words for Azure within the condensed time


Page 14

As Gojo chanted Cursed Chant, Sukuna’s Piercing Blood suddenly turned toward Blue!



Having regained output due to an area following the chant, Azure swallows Sukuna’s piercing blood.


So the Cursed Chant works even when used after the technique.

This is a very genius move.


Gojo’s move makes you think that nothing’s gonna work to him.


And Gojo’s Cursed Chant again.

Nine Ropes(九網)

Polarized light(偏光)

Crow and declaration(烏と声明)

Between front and back(表裏の間)



This is Purple’s Cursed Chant.

Now you know all the Cursed Chants of Gojo.


Red is Phase, Paramita, Pillar of light

Blue is Phase Twilight Eyes of wisdom

Purple is Nine Ropes Polarized light Crow and declaration Between front and back


What do these mean?


Let’s look at the Japanese.

In Japanese,

Red is 位相 波羅蜜 光の柱

Blue is 位相 黄昏 智慧の瞳


Both have 位相 in common.

This is translated as Phase, which is a technical term in mathematics.

According to Wikipedia, it is a particular phase in a cycle of a repeating phenomenon, and in periodic phenomena such as waves, it is also a dimensionless quantity that indicates a position in a single cycle.


Well, I have no idea what that means at all.

But since it is described as a non-dimensional quantity, I guess it means Limitless in Gojo.


Next, Paramita 波羅蜜.

This is a Buddhist term.

It means the practice that bodhisattvas do in order to become Buddhas, to reach the Higan, which is the state of enlightenment.


And in case of 光の柱 Pillar of light,I don’t know which one is correct because the pillar of light is used as many different words.

However, it is said that the pillar of light can also mean a spiritual place.


So you can sort of see how these three words are related to Red’s power up.


Next, let’s look at the Cursed Chant in Blue.

位相 phase is the same as before, the word for Limtless.


And then 黄昏 twilight.

It means the time when the sun sets.

It also means the time when we are approaching the end.

Blue is a mass of Limitless negative energy.

So this twilight probably means intensifying that negative energy.


The last one is 智慧の瞳 Eye of Wisdom.

The word 智慧 is a little different from the usual Wisdom.

It means the ability to make sense of things and handle them well.

So “eyes of wisdom” means “Six Eyes” in Gojo.


This is the detailed Japanese meaning.

You can see that Gege Sensei thought very carefully and created Cursed Chant.


Finally, let’s look at the meaning of Purple’s Cursed Chant.


In Japanese, it is 『九網』『偏光』『烏と声明』『表裏の間』

I will explain them one by one.


First , 『九網』 Nine Rope.

Ku means the number 9, and it is said to be a number that means the ultimate, the best in Japan.

And Kou means Rope.

It means a complex combination of many things.

Purple is a technique that combines Blue and Red, so I guess this nine Rope comes first.


Next is 『偏光』Polarized light

This means light with a regular direction of vibration.

Purple is a technique that pushes out virtual mass.

Polarized light is also generally considered unrecognizable to the human eye, so I guess it is connected to that.


Next is 『烏と声明』Crow and declaration

Crow has long been considered a bird of good omen and a messenger of the gods.

The statement is a praise of the Buddha’s virtues and compassion.

In other words, I think this represents the Cursed Chant itself.


Last one is 『表裏の間』Between front and back

表裏 is front and back

間 is the space between things

This also represents Purple itself.

Blue is the Technique of attracting things, and Red is the power to burst things.

I guess the word is used because Purple is in between the two.


It’s really cool, and they have meanings.

Gege Sensei is amazing!!


Page 15

Yuta says:

Kusakabe Sensei, you were right.

He couldn’t have done this if I had been around to hold him back.


And Gojo finally uses Purple!!


Gojo’s face looks so cool, like he’s ready to go.

And Gojo’s left eye is lit up and his right eye is in shadow.


So Purple must have burst on Gojo’s upper left side.

That’s why his left eye is damaged on the last page.

Very detailed.


Pages 16, 17

Unlimited Hollow Purple explodes!

It’s such a huge explosion that it wraps around the area.


Gojo’s unlimited means not only the power but also the range and the direction.


Yuki’s black hole was very powerful, but Gojo’s unlimited Hollow Purple is also insanely strong.

Also, I thought Gojo was going to use a new color for his technique, but he didn’t.

 I guess I was thinking too much.


Pages 18, 19

Gojo’s Purple makes Shinjuku city collapse and Sukuna is seriously injured.


And on the next page Gojo says

If I don’t direct unrestricted Purple, it hits me too

But I’ve suffered less damage.

Maybe because it’s my own cursed energy, I like these results.

AD libbing people at the distance also worked out

This is a first for me.


There are two translations missing here.

One, I like these results.

In Japanese, Gojo says 結果オーライ.

This is slang for “I had a lot of trouble, but I got a good result, so that’s good enough for me.”

So this word shows that Gojo did this without thinking too much.


Another is the last word, “This is a first for me.”

In Japanese, He says 初めての自爆です。

自爆 means blowing himself up.

Also, at the end of the word, he uses です。

This is usually used in polite speech.

but here it sounds to the Japanese as if Gojo is joking around a bit.

Gojo must be feeling relaxed after his victory over Sukuna.


It’s a small difference, but the meaning is very different.


And Kusakabe.

Gojo has regained output for reverse curses technique thanks to Black Flash while Sukuna can’t heal rapidly, lost Mahoraga, and has sustained enough damage that he can’t even find empty handed with Amplification.

So this means…


Gojo won.


Confirmed by Kusakabe that Gojo won!


Finally, the battle between Gojo and Sukuna that lasted 13 Chapters is over: 。。。。



It looks like Gojo won, but is it really so?

What happens next?


I think everyone is very curious.

So I’m going to tell you my prediction for the next story.


What happens in ch.236?

Do you think this is the end of the battle?


Many Japanese fans say it is not over yet.

I think so too.



There are three reasons.


1) Sukuna still has a trump card.

We still don’t know the mystery of Sukuna’s Open Technique.

We have not yet seen the Cursed Tool that Yorozu gave to Sukuna.


(2) Yuji has done nothing.

Who is the main character of this manga?

Yes, it is Yuji.


But he hasn’t done anything yet.

He has the strongest cause with Sukuna and I think he will fight against Sukuna too.

Otherwise, I feel he has nothing to show.


3) The author is Gege Sensei.

Who is the author of this manga?

Yes, it is Gege Akutami Sensei.


He always does things that readers do not expect.

That is why this manga is interesting, but I don’t think he will end the battle straight away.

I have a feeling something is still going to happen.


Then what will happen next?

Perhaps Gojo will try to stop Sukuna’s heart once to save Megumi?


Then Kenjaku comes in to interfere.

Or Sukuna uses his trump card?

At least something will happen.


That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?


I believe your understanding of Chapter 234 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!


Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.

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