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And lets’ back to Jujutsu Kaisen.

Spoiler Alert!

This channel contains spoilers.

It is made for those who watch the anime, read the manga once, and then want to know more about it.

I highly suggest that you listen to it while opening the manga or watching the anime at the same time.

I hope you will find them more interesting and you will learn about the efforts and awesomeness of Japanese creators.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Ep. 32.

This time I’ll talk about Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Ep. 32.

Finally, the Shibuya Incident has started!!

Especially the Yuji and Gojo’s battle was mind blowing.

But did you notice that there were a lot of differences between the manga and anime?


There are some things in the anime that are changed from the manga to make it easier for us to understand.

If you have noticed this, you are great.


But I think some of you haven’t, so I’ll explain them in detail.


Differences between anime and manga

New voice actors

The creative ideas of the anime.


I’ll explain these things as I follow the anime from the beginning.


Are you ready to watch Ep.32?

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it on Crunchy Roll or something.


If you’re in the car or on the train and can’t watch the anime right now, listen to it as you recall the scenes.

Then watch it again when you get home.


I will post the images and references on my blog, so please check it.


You will discover something new.

Let’s go!


Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 32

Episode 32 begins with Gojo arriving at Shibuya Hikarie.

At 20:38 Gojo arrives at Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs B1F and walks over people’s heads.


The sound effect when he walks is funny.

In the Manga, there is no description of any sound, but in the anime, there is a funny sound like Boing Boing.

From 1 minute

Then around 1 minute, the scene switches to Yuji, MeiMei, and UiUi.

They are at the Aoyama Cemetery.

Which is about 2 km away from Shibuya.


And this will be Ui Ui’s first appearance.

His voice actress is Yuko Sanpei.

She acts bolt in Naruto as well as UiUi.


Her voice is a perfect match for his cocky personality.

I think it’s perfect.


And UiUi loves MeiMei, and this is emphasized more in the anime.

For example, around 1 minute 10 seconds, UiUi puts a pink handkerchief under MeiMei when she sits in the grave.


This is an original depiction in the anime.

His sister LOVE is increasing in the anime, isn’t it?


They then head to Meiji-jingumae station.

Meiji-jingumae station is also 2 km away from Aoyama cemetery.

They traveled that distance by running.

Around 2:20

Around 2:20, the scene returns to Gojo’s battle.

Gojo encounters Jogo, Hanami, and Choso, and the OP begins.


After the OP, the scene returns to Yuji.

Here is the creative idea in anime.


In the manga, Gojo’s battle is shown first, followed by Yuji vs. Grasshopper.

But in the anime, it is switched.


I think this is better.

In the manga, the scene changes from Gojo’s battle, Yuji’s battle, and Gojo’s battle again, but it is easier to understand if you watch the scenes straight through.

That is why they changed it this way in anime.


Shibuya Incident Arc is complicated, so it’s very kind of them to make it easy to understand.

around 5:20

At around 5:20, Yuji, Meimei, and Uiui arrive at Meiji-jingumae station and go inside.

Then, Yuji encounters a grasshopper!


In the scene where Yuji encounters the grasshopper, there is a difference from Manga.

Which is the sound of the grasshopper eating the human.


In the manga, it makes a crunching sound, Bori Bori.

This is the sound like when you eat bones.


But in the anime, the grasshopper is saying “Musha Musha” as it eats.

This is an onomatopoeic sound used to describe eating, but it is a little strange for the grasshopper to say that sound by itself.

Perhaps it shows that the grasshopper is joking around.


And the voice actor of this grasshopper is Kanuka Mitsuaki.

He also did the Japanese dubbing for Pooh in Christopher Robin and Patrick in SpongeBob.

I guess he is good at voicing these kind of characters.

It’s a great match.

Around 10:30

The scene around 10:30 is interesting.

When Yuji identified this cursed spirit as a grasshopper curse, the grasshopper was upset for 8 seconds.

Why did MAPPA spend so much time on this scene?


This is almost the same amount of time Miwa and Mechamaru stood there without saying anything in episode 31.

Crazy and funny that they spent the same amount of time on this scene.

Of course, this is in a good way though.

Around 11:00

The title cut is inserted, and the narration about the grasshoppers begins around 11 minutes.

The voice actress for this narration is Yoshiko Sakakibara.


She is a legendary voice actress who has narrated many news programs in addition to playing Kushana in “Nausicaa of the valley of the wind”.

Her serious voice matches the narration of Shibuya Incident.

Around 11:40

The battle between Yuji and the grasshoppers starts at around 11:40!

This battle is so fast and powerful.


The camera angles make it feel even more speedy.


It is a four-armed versus two-armed battle.

Despite the fact that Yuji has only two arms, he is not defeated by the grasshopper.


In fact, It looks like he has more arms than that.

It’s like a Gomu Gomu no Gatling.

Around 15:20

Yuji’s battle ends around 15:20.


And here is another anime-original scene.

After Yuji defeats the grasshopper, he puts his hands together and prays over the dead body.


This scene shows how kind Yuji is.

When he defeated Eso and Kechizu before, he helped them to get together with their siblings.


He is very considerate of others and very kind.


That’s why I can’t stop crying when I imagine what will happen to Yuji.


After the Mahito scene, Yuji joins Meimei again.

They go further downstairs and reach the station platform, but it is too late.


Yuji calls out to a civilian sitting there and the scene turns back to the Gojo’s battle.

Around 16:40

Around 16:40, after Gojo talks to Jogo, the recollection between Fake Geto and Jogo begins.

Fake Geto explains to Jogo when Gojo struggles.


Gojo gets weakest when he is surrounded by non-sorcerers.

And MAPPA represents it with soap bubbles.


Look at the scene around the 21 minute.

There are small soap bubbles surrounding a large soap bubble.


Then, at the 22-minute point, the soap bubbles fall to the ground and break.


So this represents Gojo.

Gojo is weak when he’s surrounded by non-sorcerers.


And eventually, He gets sealed.


Bubbles are beautiful, but MAPPA puts a very scary meaning into them.

Episode 32 ends with the bubble breaking.

It’s a scary ending.

Gojo’s battles

Let’s go back a bit and look at Gojo’s battles.

There is another anime original direction here.


It is Choso’s Slicing Exorcism.

In the manga, Choso attacks Gojo while killing people, but in the anime, he doesn’t kill anyone.

He just attacks Gojo.


Why this change happened?


I think it is because Choso is going to join the group.

Choso is on Geto’s side just because it is convenient for his brothers.


He was not particularly motivated and did not need to kill people.

That’s why MAPPA changed it this way in the anime.


Also, Jogo and Hanami’s Domain Amplification animation was excellent.

I want to see how this changes when Sukuna uses Domain Amplification.

That’s it

That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?

I believe your understanding of Episode 32 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.

And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!

Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.

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