Jujutsu Kaisen 【Ch.236】Will Gojo come back or not?

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What a sad situation for all of us.

I don’t think anyone would have expected this.

And it must be hard for everyone.


This week has been too hard for Jujutsu Kaisen fans.

Gojo was sealed in the anime.

And something even sadder happened to Gojo in the manga.


How can we live with this fact?

I know a lot of people on Twitter were surprised about this and discussed about future story.

I’ll talk about this in this podcast.


But there was something else sad.

That’s about the leak.


The latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen is always leaked.

I tried to avoid it and muted keywords about it, but still didn’t work.

Some people have sent spoilers in replies to my past tweets or commented on YouTube videos about it.


I wanted to read it on YouTube live for the first time.

I’m so upset.


Japanese fans are also very angry about it.

I think the bookbinding company are leaking.

Or a delivery company.


They are probably selling the leaks overseas.

And the overseas leakers are spreading it on Twitter.

Also, Twitter is monetizing it now, so they are getting paid for it too.


It’s a very bad situation.

Hopefully Shueisha can stop it ASAP.


Also, I went to the Tokyo Game Show last week.

In addition to well-known game companies like Square Enix and CAPCOM, there were also schools and indie game companies had booths too.

I’m not a huge fan of games these days, but I still enjoyed it.

Moreover, I went to the Tokyo Game Show with a game music composer named Richter.

He is a great guy who made music for Danmachi and The Eminence in Shadow games and so on.

I met him at the Tokyo Video Gamers in Akihabara, and he is a very funny and kind person.

He watches my YouTube and supports me.

I’m going to film an interview with him soon, so look forward to it.

He tweets about me, so check him out too.


Anyways let’s back to Jujutsu Kaisen.


Spoiler Alert!

This channel contains spoilers.

It is made for those who watch the anime, read the manga once, and then want to know more about it.

I highly suggest that you listen to it while opening the manga or watching the anime at the same time.

I hope you will find them more interesting and you will learn about the efforts and awesomeness of Japanese creators.


This time I will talk about Jujutsu Kaisen Ch.236.

It was definitely one of the most shocking chapter.


And I think you especially want to know about these.

・What does the lotus flower mean?

・Gojo’s touching first-person.

・What does Sukuna’s word mean in Japanese?

・Will Gojo come back or not?

I’ll talk about these in detail as I read the dialogue from page to page.


Are you ready to read Ch.236?

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it on Manga+ first. It’s an official website and free.


If you’re in the car or on the train right now and can’t read the manga, I want you to listen to it while remembering the scenes.

I’ll explain each page as I read the dialogue, so try your best to remember them.

Then read it again when you are home .


I’ll post the images and references on my blog, so check it out too.


You will find something new.

Let’s go.


Page 1


Chapter 236 begins with the appearance of Geto.



And next to his panel is a comment from the editor.


In English, Long time no see, best friend.


And Gojo says


No freaking way!

Could things get any worse?



How Rude!

And right after seeing me.


So, Ch.236 begins with Gojo’s recollection!


And it was Geto who first showed up in it.

He looked disgusted, but I think he actually wanted to see Geto all along.





I told one of my students, didn’t I?

That when it’s your time, you die alone.

Please tell me this is just my imagination.



Does it matter either way?



It does, and then there is the matter of this father.

Oh well I already asked Shoko to handle that.



So how was the king of curses?



Man, he was crazy strong.

Plus Sukuna didn’t even go all out.


First, I want you to pay attention to Gojo’s first person.

You don’t understand it in English, but Gojo calls himself “Ore” in this scene.


Gojo called himself “Ore” during Jujutsu High, but now he calls himself “Boku”.

Ore is a casual way, Boku is more polite.

Gojo changed his first person from Ore to Boku on Geto’s advice in the past.


However, in Geto’s presence, he has returned to Ore.

As he did when he met Fake Geto in Shibuya Incident.

So it shows that Gojo goes back to his true self in front of Geto.

It makes me cry a lot.


And Gojo mentions the father.

Who is this about?


Actually, this is about Megumi’s father, Toji.

Gege Sensei said in an interview before that Gojo will be the one who tell Megumi about his father.

But I guess his plan has changed.

Gojo asked Shoko to do this.


This means that Gojo cannot talk to Megumi about this anymore.


We had been hoping Gojo would not die because of Gege Sensei’s interview.

But we can’t rely on his interview anymore.


Gege Sensei also said in the interview.

At the end of Jujutsu Kaisen, among Yuji Megumi Nobara Gojo, either only one person would die or all but one would die.


Maybe this will change too.

I don’t know what I should believe now.


Please Gege Sensei…





I’m not sure if I could’ve beaten him, even if he didn’t have Megumi’s Ten Shadows.



Whoa, he’s so strong that he made you admit that?



I do feel a bit sorry for him though.

I can’t emphathize with the magnitude of his sheer solitude more than anyone else.

I love everyone and don’t feel lonely now, but somewhere along the way, there was a line I drew, not as a human, but as a living creature.

You can make a flower bloom, you can admire it.

But you can’t feel that flower “I want you to understand me”.


Gojo could not defeat Sukuna.

Moreover, even if Sukuna did not have Megumi’s Ten Shadow Technique, he is not sure he could win.

He says this because he does not yet know Sukuna’s full power.


Sukuna used all of Megumi’s Ten Shadow.

But he hasn’t yet used all of his own Technique.

Perhaps Open Technique or something else.


That’s why Gojo says he doubt he can win.


Also, I want you to look at the flower in the last panel of this page.

This is a lotus flower.

And it’s said that lotus flower is a symbol of rebirth because it closes at noon and opens again in the morning…


So maybe there is still a chance for Gojo to revive.

A lot of people are hoping for that.


And look at Gojo’s word in this flower panel.

You can make a flower bloom, you can admire it.

But you can’t feel that flower “I want you to understand me”.


This scene made me think this.

Maybe Gojo saw his students as flowers.


Because the family names of Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara all come from flowers.

So he probably talks about others as if they were flowers.


Gojo didn’t expect them to understand him.


How lonliness…





The skills I drilled into this tempered body of mine, My refined senses, Even my haphazard tactics And Exposive power… I gave it my all.

I wanted to convey everything to Sukuna.

I wanted him to know.



The absolute strongest.

The loneliness that follows.

The one who will teach you…

About love is.



It was fun.


Gojo fully enjoyed the fight with Sukuna.

So he looked like he was having a lot of fun during the fight.


But there is something a little strange.

Gojo talks about Sukuna but rarely talks about the students he left.


You can tell he doesn’t care much about his students.

And lots of people were upset about this.


But remember.

Gojo is not such a good person.

Even in Ch. 2, when Yuji and Megumi were in danger, he made a detour to buy Kikufuku sweets.


So I don’t think it’s surprising that he doesn’t care about his students when he is dying.





But Sukuna wasn’t able to give it his all.

And for that I’m sorry.



You’re making me jealous.

But if you’re satisfied, then that’s all right.




If you were among those patting my back, then I might’ve been satisfied.





The last panel on this page makes me cry so much.

Gojo wanted Geto to be there before the battle with Sukuna.

And he wanted Geto to laugh there.

This must be Gojo’s true feelings.


When he first met Geto in this chapter, he looked like he didn’t want to meet him, but I guess he really wanted to meet him deep down.

Geto also cried when he heard that.


What a crying scene.





Anyway, I’m just glad I didn’t die cuz of Old age, or some kind of illness, but rather cuz of someone stronger.



What are you, an old military general?

No one thinks like that nowadays, it’s creepy.

But I guess that’s the reason you were able to live longer than me.



It’s all within a margin of error, for the both of you.



It’s like I told Geto a long time ago.

Why not just let you take care of everything by yourself from now on?

You live for Jujutsu.

You don’t wield it to protect something.

You use it solely for the sake of satisfying yourself.

You’re a weirdo


Nanami describes Gojo’s mindset as old military general.

If military general could make his death heroic and appealing, he could expect it to be passed on and the reputation of his remaining children and family would be improved.

So it was not a good idea to die in a way that would be considered foolish.


So Nanami called Gojo like that by analogy.


And Nanami refers to Gojo as Weirdo.

But in Japanese, it is a little different.

Nanami says Gojo is a Hentai.


In English, Maybe Hentai means something sexual, but in Japanese it doesn’t mean just that.

It also means someone who is unusual.


That’s why it’s weirdo in English.


Also, Nanami tells Gojo you don’t wield it to protect something.

In other words, Gojo did not fight Sukuna to protect his students, but to enjoy himself.


So he didn’t care about his students at the last moment either.






Everyone thinks that, but no one says it out loud.




You’re annoying me more than he does.






I mean, it’s not like you’re wrong.



You clearly admitted to it earlier just now.



That was an end worthy of you.

I wouldn’t condone it, but I can sympathize.



Well, thanks.

And how was yours?


Haibara is naturally making fun of Gojo.

Gojo looks annoyed when he hears this conversation, but he can’t say anything about it.


Because it’s actually true.


Maybe he was the type to be teased by his Kouhai.

Their conversation shows that they were very close.


Page 8



Um, Well, I butted it into it



A curse can save people too.

Just like jujutsu.

In the past, this is what Ms. Mei said when I asked her about recommendations for leaving the country.

If you want to start anew, head north.

If you want to return to your old self, head south.


Nanami said he wanted to go to Malaysia before he died, and this is what he meant.

And the title of this Ch.236 is Head to South.


This would mean that Gojo wants to back to his old self.

Their appearance also goes back to their high school days.

Gojo misses the old days.

That’s why it’s Head to south.





Without hesitation, I choose somewhere south.

I’m such a backward looking person, and yet I bet on the future in my final moment.

It wasn’t about one at all.

I’ve also got Haibara to thank for that.



You’re welcome.



I see.


This is about when Nanami is calling out to Yuji as he was dying.

And Nanami appreciates that Haibara pointed to Yuji at that moment.


But wait.

If this is Gojo’s imagination, how does he know about this?

He couldn’t have known because he was sealed at the time.


So this is not just Gojo’s imagination.

Gojo got to meet his friends before he died in real.






Wasn’t there supposed to be no such thing as a sorcerer dying without any regrets?!



I pray that this all isn’t just my imagination.


Gojo says he has no regrets about dying.

He gave his all, lost, and got to meet his friends at the end.

He looks really happy and smiling.


And there is Toji in the middle panel on page 11!

Is he heading south too…?


Also, Gojo’s last word in Japanese is sad.

Here Gojo calls himself “Boku”.


He only says “Ore” when he first meets Geto.

I guess that was the only time his feelings went back to his high school days from the bottom of his heart.


What a tear-jerking direction.

I can’t stop crying.


Page 12&13


This is a very shocking panel.

Many of you reading up to this point would not have understood what the heck is going on.

At the end of Ch.235, Kusakabe said Gojo won.

But suddenly Ch. 236 started with Gojo’s recollection.


This all meant that Gojo was dead.

Even now, I still can’t accept his death.


I can’t believe that after that moment in Ch. 235, this suddenly happened.

Who in the world could have believed this?


It still shocks me no matter how many times I see this panel.


Page 14



Mahoraga’s adaptation process slowly starts analyzing once it  receives an initial attack.

And is complete after a certain amount of time.

During that process, if it receives additional attacks, the completion time is sped up.

Not only does it ensure adaptation of the first jujutsu, but the analysis doesn’t stop and the adaptation continues.

What I desired from Mahoraga was a model.

A model in order for me to breach through your inviolability.


Here is the new information about Mahoraga’s adaptation.

It keeps going further once it’s done adapting.


That’s too cheat.

The longer we fight it, the disadvantageous it becomes to us.


I can understand why the head of the Gojo family got even with it in the past.

Megumi’s technique was that much amazing.





The first time that Mahoraga adapted to your inviolability, it transmuted its own cursed energy in order to neutralize and nullify your inviolability.

That was something I could not do so I waited.

I waited until I could obtain an adaptation that would match your inviolability.

The second adaptation proceeded as I had hoped.

That wasn’t meant to be a slash like the ones I launched.

That was the extension of cursed technique targets.

Its target was not Satoru Gojo.

It extended all the way to space, existence, and the word themselves so as to cut them.

Without regard for your inviolability, as long as it exists inside the space, that world, those existence would split apart.

It was an incredibly difficult technique to obtain, but I did have quite the wonderful model.


This is a little difficult to understand.

I’ll give you an additional explanation.


The first Mahoraga’s adaptation was like Domain Amplification, changing Cursed Energy and neutralizing Gojo’s Limitless.

And the next slash did slash space, existence, and even the world itself.

In other words, it is a slash that can slash anything, including Limitless.


This is nothing but a cheat.

Moreover, Sukuna imitated it after seeing it only once.


How much of a genius is he?

He learned how to incarnate just by seeing it once before.


And this time too.


In contrast, what can’t he do?

And how can you beat him?


Gojo is no longer here, but he has reduced Sukuna’s power a lot.

Now is the only time to defeat Sukuna.


Page 17


You were magnificent Satoru Gojo.

I shall never forget you for as long as I live.


Gojo looks smiling when he hears these words.

He must have been happy to have fought Sukuna with all out and to have his admiration.


And this word from Sukuna means much more in Japanese.

He said in Japanese, “天晴れだ”


This is a word of praise for being amazingly admirable or splendid.

It also means “Wonderful!” or “Brilliant!” when you are impressed or amazed.


Sukuna was so much impressed with Gojo.


Page 18&19



Without taking any time to mourn the death of Satoru Gojo, soaring toward the battlefield was the god of lightning.



I feel great.

Don’t you dare spoil it.


And right from here Kashimo joins the battle.

Now is the only time to defeat Sukuna.


No one has time to be sad about Gojo’s death.


And the last comment from editor.

“Fast, run to the field of death.”

Very cool comment.


But can Kahimo beat Sukuna?


Actually, I don’t think so.


Because we still have Yuji.

I think Yuji will beat Sukuna because he is the main character of this manga.


I believe he will beat Sukuna in the end.


Sukuna still has a trump cards left in his hand.

Open Technique and something like cursed tool that Yoruzu gave to Sukuna.


These are yet to be seen.

Maybe he will use them in his battle with Kashimo.


Sukuna was saving them to use after the battle with Gojo.

So he should use them now.


I think he’ll use them to defeat Kashimo?


And will Gojo revive?

Lots of people are making theory.


For example, there is this one.

All the characters except Gojo left words before they died.


Mechamaru, Nanami, Nobara, Yaga.

They all leave a last word to someone.

But Gojo didn’t.

So Gojo can be back.


There are many other theories, but I don’t think Gojo will come back.

If it does, the battles will be easy and uninteresting.

Also, it would not be interesting from a story perspective.


Of course, I would love to see him back, but his role as a character in Jujutsu Kaisen seems to be over.

I don’t think he will be back.


But I think Gojo fans will be very painful.

Gojo was sealed in Prison Realm for about 1200 days.

And he died after about 4 months.


Also, Gojo got sealed in the anime.

So we won’t see Gojo again for a while.


He will probably return in the anime in season 4.

It took over 2 years from season 1 to season 2, so I don’t think we will see Gojo for at least 4 or 5 years.


That’s too painful…

I hope Yuji will avenge Gojo soon.


That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?


I believe your understanding of Chapter 236 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!


Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.

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