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In this podcast, I will talk about Jujutsu Kaisen anime episode 34.

The title is “昏乱 (Konran)”


Usually, this word is written with the same sounding word meaning “confusing,” but this title is a little different.

The character 昏 for coma and 乱 for disturb.

This means that the world is in chaos.


So this title means that Gojo has been sealed and the world got in chaos.


By the way, have you been confused lately?

I have.

It’s the International shipments.


In the previous episode, Gojo was sealed.

At that time, they handed out the newspapers in Sihuya.


I was able to get some of them and decided to send them to my overseas fans.

I asked the request and received DMs from almost 200 people.

I’m doing this all by myself, and I’ve rarely sent things overseas, so it was very difficult to figure out shipping costs and so on.

It was a real mess.


But I realized again that so many people want Japanese merches, and that too many things are only available in Japan.

And many of the people who sent me DMs liked my Jujutsu Kaisen content.

It made me feel so happy.


I want to make it possible for everyone to enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen more.

That’s why I’m thinking of creating a Discord Group for people to buy merches.


If you can buy what you want more easily, your anime life will be better, don’t you think?


It was confusing because it was my first time, but I think it will be much smoother to ship internationally in the future.

If we ever create a Discord Group, I hope you’ll join.


Anyway, let’s back to Jujutsu Kaisen.


I’m going to explain Episode 34 in detail from the beginning.


I think you will especially want to know about these.

Why is Prison Realm crying?

Uraume’s VA

What is Uraume’s gender?

Mei Mei’s phone book.

I will talk about these in particular as we follow the anime from the beginning.

You can enjoy episode 34 more once you know about these.


Are you ready to watch Ep.34?

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it on Crunchy Roll or something.


If you’re in the car or on the train and can’t watch the anime right now, listen to it as you recall the scenes.

Then watch it again when you get home.


I will post the images and references on my blog, so please check it.


You will discover something new.

Let’s go!



Episode 34 begins with Mechamaru’s programming.

He was working with such a program.

Mechamaru on the Loading screen is cute though.


Then, Yuji is surprised to see Mechamaru attached to his ear and knocks him to the ground.

In the manga, he just tries to squeeze it in his grip.

It’s funny how Mechaamru sounds like a girl when Yuji does that.


It was like “Aww”



At about 46 seconds, the scene switches to Gojo.

Before Gojo is sealed, he calls out to Geto.


He says, “いつまでいい様にされてんだ、傑?”

In English, “How are you gonna let yourself get used, Suguru?”


As Gojo says this, Fake Geto’s right arm moves and squeezes his neck.

In the manga, it looks like he is lightly tightening his neck, but in the anime, it looks like he is moving with a lot of strength.

This is mentioned in the Official Fanbook.

According to Gege Sensei, this is not Geto’s intention.

He says that this is like the movement of a dragonfly with its head missing.


In other words, this right arm is not moving by Geto’s will.

Despite that, it is moving with incredible power.


I want to believe that this is Geto’s will in response to Gojo’s call.



Around 2:30, Gojo was finally sealed.

Goodbye Gojo…


It will be a very long time before we see him again.

Probably, the next time we see him in anime will be season 4.


It would take at least 5 years.

It’s too sad that we won’t see Gojo in the anime until then.


Then, after Gojo’s seal is completed, we go into the OP.



After the OP, we return to the scene with Yuji.


Mechamaru tries to tell Yuji and Mei Mei about his plan.

He used the technique that would turn him into a mini Mechamaru, with Gojo’s seal as the triggering condition.

And it’s used unfortunately.


Mei Mei does not trust it and tries to call the assistant director, but the phone is disconnected.

There is no cell phone signal in Curtain.


And look at the screen of Mei Mei’s cell phone when she makes the call.

There are four people on the screen.


Ui Ui

Assistant director①

Assistant director②



Mei Mei has registered assistant directors as assistant director ① or ②.

Except for Ijichi.


Ijichi is also an assistant director, but she doesn’t register him as such.

Probably because she has known Ijichi since he was a student.


Also, Ijichi initially joined Jujutsu High to become a sorcerer.

He became an assistant director under Gojo’s direction, but initially Ijichi met Mei Mei as a sorcerer, I guess.

So she registered Ijichi by name.


Also Ijichi is very trusted by the people around him.

He must be trusted by Mei Mei as well.


Even from this cell phone screen, you can see the relationship between Mei Mei and Ijichi.



Around 8:00, Mechamaru’s strategy is told.


(1) Yuji will spread the news of Gojo’s sealing to all the sorcerers, and make the recapture of Gojo a goal for all of them.

(2) Mei Mei will defeat the Curse User and hold the railroad.


These are Mechamaru’s strategies.

Recapturing Gojo is the goal of this Shibuya Incident.


Without Gojo, human society will be turned down.

Gojo is such a strong and important person.


And Mechamaru was okay with that at first.

In the anime, Miwa’s scene is cut in.

This is an anime-only direction.


In other words, he thought that as long as his body was healed and he could be with Miwa, he didn’t care what happened to human society.

That’s how much he loved Miwa and wanted to see her.


He hadn’t been able to go outside for 17 years.

That’s probably why he became so distorted.

But he couldn’t see Miwa anymore because Mahito killed him.


So he is working to solve the Shibuya Incident to save Miwa.

Self-centered, but maybe a little understandable.


Then Curse User appears and the scene changes.



Around 8:50, the scene returns to the Fake Geto side.

Choso and Jogo got up from Gojo’s Unlimited Void.


According to Gege Sensei, Unlimited Void is less effective on cursed spirits than on humans.

So they must have woken up earlier than the other people.


However, Mahito woke up the earliest among them.

Maybe Mahito can change his body shape, so his brain structure is also little different and Unlimited Void is less effective on him.


Then suddenly Prison Realm became heavy and slammed into the ground.

Its eyes turn blue like Six Eyes and it starts to cry.

What in the world just happened?


This is an anime-only performance.

What does it mean?


Maybe this is Gojo crying over Geto.

Or maybe Prison Realm itself is crying.


Kenjaku says that Prison Realm is the result of a person named Genshin who actually existed in old era.

So it was originally human.

That’s why it looks alive.


And now Preson Realm has sealed Gojo.

And even though it can seal anything, it must be very hard to seal Gojo.

So it got so heavy.


Maybe it’s crying because so tough to seal Gojo.


And the inside of Prison Realm is very creepy.

So many skeletons are moving around, I feel like I would lose my mind if I stayed there for a long time.

It’s like physical time isn’t moving inside, but it’s a mentally challenging environment.


Fake Geto said you can’t get out unless the person inside commits suicide, probably someone in the past went crazy and killed themselves.


I don’t know how Gojo can stay here and be okay.


And he says everything is going to be all right.

He believes in his students.


But when you think about what will happen afterwards, it’s hard to believe his word….

It’s not going to be okay at all.



The second half begins at around 9:40.

It begins with a scene of Kusakabe and Zenin teams.


This is also an anime original, but Naobito is drinking beer.

In Ch.99 of the manga, he was shown drinking and not participating in the battle, and I guess this is connected to the manga.

Naobito is a special1st grade sorcerer.

This means that he has never attended Jujutsu High, and yet he is a 1st grade level.

And I guess he has a different mindset about his work than Maki and Nobara.

He seems very unmotivated.

And Nobara looks at him with disgust.


Around 10:00, the scene shifts to Nanami’s team.

After the conversation between Nanami, Megumi, and Ino, the three teams enter Curtain at the same time.



At about 10:50, the scene switches to Ijichi.

He is using two cell phones to communicate with the other assistant directors.


However, Haruta Shigemo comes up behind Ijichi and stabs him repeatedly.

Ijichi’s suffering face is painful.


And then Uraume appeared.

Her voice actor was finally revealed.

Her voice actress is Mitsuki Saiga.


She has played Yelena from Attack on Titan and Maria Ross from Fullmetal Alchemist.

She has a great voice, very cool and can play both female and male characters.

That’s why she often plays gender-neutral characters.


Uraume as well.

What is Uraume’s gender?


Actually, it is not yet officially identified.

But by the looks of it I assumed it was female.

I thought the voice actor in the anime would reveal that, but no way, it was Mitsuki Saiga.

I didn’t think that even the voice actor would not reveal its gender.


Uraume still remains a mystery to me.

Great casting.


Around 12:00, the scene changes.

Mechamaru confirms that the curse side cannot move Gojo.


Why can’t they move it?

Because it is Gojo.


It’s so cool that Mechamaru can convince Yuji with that explanation.


Then, Yuji goes inside Curtain, defeats the modified human, and climbs to the top of the building.

He shouts “Na Na Miiiim”.


This building is next to a building called MODI near Shibuya station.

Which iis close to where Nanami team is.

It is probably about 2~300 meters away.


But Yuji’s voice reached the Kusakabe team too.

They are about 1km away.

And yet you can hear their voices, which shows how loud Yuji’s voice is.



Around 15:00, the scene returns to the cursed spirit side.


Mahito and the others begin competing to kill Yuji or revive Sukuna.

Mahito and Choso kill Yuji.

Jogo revives Sukuna.


Jogo is thinking about the whole Cursed Spirit world, but Mahito and Choso are only thinking about themselves.

They are a group of curse spirits, not a team, after all.


And look at Mahito’s face around 17:30.

When Fake Geto is speaking, Mahito has a meaningful look on his face.

Perhaps Mahito does not trust him.


Around 18:00, Mimiko and Nanako appeared.

They are the girls Geto helped in the past.


In Jujutsu Kaisen 0, they looked like pure schoolgirls, but now they look very tired.

They are probably sad because they lost Geto.


They made a promise to return Geto’s body in exchange for helping Fake Geto.

But unless they declare it to be Binding Vow, it seems to be unenforceable.


Fake Geto really knows a lot about Jujutsu.



Around 19:00, we return to Yuji’s scene.


Finally, Yuji joins the Nanami team.

From here, the team splits into two.


Nanami goes out once and meets up with Ijichi.

Yuji, Megumi, and Ino act to break Curtain.


Ino is excited that Nanami is relying on him, and explains the current situation to Yuji and Megumi.

There are two problems with Gojo’s disappearance.


First, Gojo’s disappearance will eliminate the status of the sorcerers who had been saved by him, including Yuji.

Second, Curse Users and Cursed Spirits who were afraid of Gojo will start moving.


So the sorcerer side, both internally and externally, will become unstable and dangerous.


To stop this, Gojo must be rescued.

This is the goal of Shibuya Incident.


Shibuya Incident has many characters and is getting more and more complicated, but the anime explains it in a way that is easy to understand.



This is the end of Ep. 34.

… No, Not yet!!


In fact, there is more to this episode.

After the ED, there is a scene with Ogami and Awasaka.


Yes, they have the pile of Curtain.

Yuji, Megumi and Ino fight them.


And Toji appears again!


Next week is going to be a very exciting episode.

I’m really looking forward to it.


That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?


I believe your understanding of Episode 34 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!


Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.


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