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By the way, have you watched this season’s anime?

Since we are now in October, new anime is being released.

I have watched two of the anime so far.

One is Frieren one is Shangri-La frontier.

Frieren was so amazing.

Episode 1 was aired in Kinyou load show (The Friday Load show) which is the Japanese TV program for showing movies, and Ep.1 was for two hours.

It’s actually now showing in movie theaters as well.


This is the same as OSHI NO KO before.

OSHI NO KO Ep.1 also lasted for 90 minutes and it was in the movie as well.


Anime is that much expected these days and companies are investing money for that.


In case of Frieren, the music is especially amazing.


They are using the orchestra to record the music to make the viewers feel nostalgic.


But to be honest, I don’t think Frieren will be that much  popular like OSHI NO KO.

OSHI NO KO had a lot of songs and dances, so people can imitate them on TikTok or YouTube or Twitter.

It became popular among them and attracted a lot of people.


But Frieren doesn’t have something like that.

Anime itself is so interesting, but I don’t think it will spread widely.


But its OP song is from YOASOBI, who also played the OP or ED songs for OSHI NO KO, Beasters and Gundam.

We can expect it to get more interesting in the future.


Also, have you watched Shangri-La frontier?

This is from Shonen Sunday magazine.


Its story is about the main character, Sanrak, who plays a full-dive VR game.

Sanraku likes playing  ’crappy game’, which is an unenjoyable or poorly made video game.

One day he got tired of playing Crappy Game and decided to play 神ゲー、which means Legendary Game.

That is the Shangri-La frontier.


I’m reading the manga as well, but it’s very interesting.

The battle is especially exciting.

Battle scenes in anime are also really high-quality, and made me so excited.

I highly expect this anime.


Also, this manga is originally from a light novel, which is the same as Mushoku Tensei or ReZero.

It is so popular that it ranks in the top 20 of the Light Novels..


Do you guys anty other suggestions?

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Anyways, let’s back to the Jujutsu Kaisen.


Spoiler Alert!

This channel contains spoilers.

It is made for those who watch the anime, read the manga once, and then want to know more about it.

I highly suggest that you listen to it while opening the manga or watching the anime at the same time.

I hope you will find them more interesting and you will learn about the efforts and awesomeness of Japanese creators.


I’m gonna talk about Jujutsu Kaisen Ch.237 in this PodCast.


I think you guys wanna know about this in detail.

・Japanese meaning of Sukuna’s Cursed Tool

・Gojo, Sukuna, Kashimo’s relationship

・Japanese meaning of Kashimo’s Technique


I will talk about them in detail as I read the dialogue Page by Page.


Are you ready to read Ch.237?

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it on Manga+ first. It’s an official website and free.


If you’re in the car or on the train right now and can’t read the manga, I want you to listen to it while remembering the scenes.

I’ll explain each page as I read the dialogue, so try your best to remember them.

Then read it again when you are home .


I’ll post the images and references on my blog, so check it out too.


You will find something new.

Let’s go.





Jujutsu Kaisen Ch .237 starts with Kashimo’s arrival.

And there’s a comment from editor in the first panel


  1. ”最強(すくな)”戦!!



In English, 

  1. Sukuna battle!!

Thunder of God, Kashimo Ring in!!


There’s an interesting direction in this comment.

In Japanese, it’s written 最強, which means Strongest, but there is a phonetic guide “Sukuna” on it. 

So Sukuna is literally a Strongest now.


And Kashimo:

Here they come.



Far above Kshimo, who had jumped from 203 meters above ground Appeared a giant block of ice and the frozen star known as Uraume.


Suddenly the block of ice fell down from the sky, and I felt like “What is going on?!”

It was actually Uraume.


She came here to help Sukuna.

I thought she’s dead because of Gojo’s 200% Purple though.



And the narration is describing Uraume as “Frozen Star”

In Japanese, 凍星(Iteboshi)


It means “Stars in the winter night sky so bright as if the air is frozen”.

Uraume’s Technique freezes everything, even the sky.


That’s why Gege Sensei named it like this.

So cool naming, isn’t it?


Page 3



Someone’s above me?



Sorry, But I made a promise so I gotta stop you.



That’s news to me.

Ice formation



Yep! It sure is!

Domain Expansion.


There’s a small translation missing in this page.

That is Uraume’s word.


She says “That’s news to me” in English, but she says “知らんな 何もかも” in Japanese.

This rather means like “I don’t care about it at all”.

She sounds a bit desperate in Japanese.


I guess this is because Sukuna enjoyed fighting with Gojo so much.

And did’nt let her help out Sukuna.

It was like being left out of the group. 

So maybe she felt abandoned and sulky now.


By the way, her gender is not identified, but I refer to Uraume as ”She” for convenience. 


Page 4



Hakari’s domain captured Uraume, but the block of ice continued to fall.


Now Hakari VS Uraume Battle has started.
So the battle is going to be “Kahsimo VS. Sukuna” and “Hakari VS. Uraume”.


The point in Hakari’s battle must be Domain Expansion.

Hakari becomes invincible for 4 minutes and 11 seconds when he hits the jackpot in Domain Expansion.

But if Uraume can use Domain Expansion as well, things will be hard.

What if Uraume ccan break Hakari’s domain with her Domain, what could he do?


Hakari would be pushed into a tough situation for sure.


Page 5&6



The ice was merely a means of delivery.



In exchange for a desperate Binding Vow, Yorozu had constructed the item that appeared from within the melting block of ice.

Cursed Tool: Supreme Martial Solution.

Its effect was strangely…


Uraume’s giant block of ice was to deliver Sukuna’s Cursed Tool.

It seems too much to use such a large ice for this purpose, but I guess it is that important.


Sukuna is now running out of his Cursed Energy, so he needs this Cursed Tool I guess.


And its name is Supreme Martial Solution.

In Japanese, 神武解(Kamutoke).


It contains 3 Kanji, 神 and 武 and 解.

神 means God

武 means Martial

解 means Solution, or Unlock


This name is coming from the word 神解け (Kamitoke).

Which means “Lightning strike”.

That’s why Gege Sensei named this “神武解 (Kamutoke)”.


And Kamutoke’s shape looks like Buddhist Dharma tool called Kongousho, or Vajura.

This is a weapon used by the Taishakuten, which is the same deity as Indra.

A lot of people on Twitter are saying this is Hindu, not Buddhist though, Buddhism also uses it according to Wikipedia.


And the hand sign for Gojo’s Domain Expansion is called Taishakuten-In.

So this Cursed Tool is kinda related to Gojo!!


Page 7



Just like old times!


So Kamutoke is a Cursed Tool that generates electricity.

But why does Sukuna use something that generates electricity…?


I think this is because of Kashimo and Gojo.

Sugawara no Michizane, an ancestor of Gojo, is worshipped as a thunder god.


Kahsimo is called Thunder God too.


So they are kinda deeply related to each other.

Everyone is called “Strongest” too.


Strongest uses thunder.


Page 8&9



The characteristics of Kashimo’s cursed energy provide resistance to electricity.




Did you become the strongest Sorcerer?

Or were you born that way?



Beats me.

But I bet I was a creepy kid.



If you’ve never known weakness, how can you interact with others or even show kindness?

I couldn’t do it.

Others were brittle clods of earth to me.


Kamutoke looks so strong, but it doesn’t work on Kashimo due to his characteristics.

If he uses it on anyone else, then it must be a threat.


And Kashimo was also the strongest in his era, which is 400 years ago, edo period.

He felt lonely at that time.

That’s why he wated to meet him.


I thought Kashimo just wanted to fight with Sukuna, but he had other reasons too.


Then Sukuna said ‘I bet I was a creepy kid’.

In Japanese, he says “忌み子”

This means “A child born unwanted” or “A child born against a sinister, abominable, or cursed background” or “A child whose existence itself is anathema”.


He was not only a creepy kid.

He was that much hated by everyone even when he was a child.


Maybe no one has a lonelier and sadder upbringing than him.


Page 10



So tell me.

Must strength be lonely?

Are the strong cursed to wander in search of limitless power?



Greedy bastard.

Satoru Gojo was like that too.

I’ll tell you, so bring it on, the departed spirit.


Why does Sukuna say Greedy to them?

Is it greedy to feel lonely even though you are the strongest?

Or are there any other reasons?


I want to know what makes him think so.


Page 11&12



Technique Release

Mythical Beast Amber


Kashimo VS. Sukuna battle starts again!

Kashimo uses the technique as soon as he starts fighting.


Its name is Mythical Beast Amber.

In Japanese, 幻獣琥珀 (Genju Kohaku).


But do you know why this name contains “Amber”?

There’s a reason.


Amber is a fossilized natural resin and a gemstone.

Also the origin of the word “Electricity” is from the Greek word for Amber (elektron), Which was named after the discovery that the mineral amber produces a static charge after being rubbed on fur.


So amber is like the origin of electricity.

That’s why Gege Sensei put Amber in his Cursed Technique.


It shows that he’s thought carefully about the name of Technique.


Page 13&14&15



Well, that was loud.



Mythical Beast Amber reconstructs flesh in order to manifest phenomena that Kashimo converts from cursed energy.


It’s revealed that Kashimo’s Technique is to transform his body.

Look at his body.

His nails, mouth and all are like a beast

This Technique is to make yourself like a Thunder Beast.


But  why can’t he use this only once?

Here’s the reason next page.


Page 16&17



Improved Agility due to increased activity of electric signals in the brain.

Sound waves that optimize and attune to the natural frequencies of substances.

Electromagnetic waves that vaporize irradiated objects.

Kashimo’s body manifests this phenomena and has passed beyond the human realm.

But after completion of this cursed technique, Kashimo’s flesh colapses.


So it’s confirmed that Kashimo will die after this battle.

I did expect that though…


And what Kashimo can do with his Technique is Improving Agility, Sound wave and Electromagnetic waves.

Improving Agility is his speed as we have seen before.

Sound wave is the voice that he used to Sukuna at first.

Electromagnetic waves are something coming out of his hand and attacking Sukuna.


That’s it?

You might think so.


But I think this is really strong.

Google shows that if you repeatedly apply vibrations of the same frequency as the natural frequency from the outside, the amplitude will increase and the vibrations will become larger and larger.
I don’t know much about physics, but I think this can create a huge power.


But since this is Sukuna, it looks like it’s now working very well.


Page 18&19



Sukuna has a way to repair flash only onece besides Reverse Cursed Technique.

He can do so by resuming transformation as a curse taking fleshly form, which he had purposefully interupted before.


And Finally Sukuna is back to his true form.

We thought Sukuna didn’t change because with Megumi’s appearance, Gojo couldn’t fight all out.


But this is not the only reason.

He also can heal himself.


But now he uses the only way to heal himself.

So Sukuna cannot heal himself anymore!


We are definitely pushing Sukuna over the edge.


But now Sukuna has 4 arms.

This means Sukuna even got stronger.

He can use Cursed Tool, Dismantle, Open Technique at the same time.


Thunder, Slash and Fire at the same time.

This is obviously the disaster itself.


How can we defeat Sukuna then??

Yuji must be awakening his true power!!


But I think Kashimo will lose the next chapter.

Kashimo’s Technique is not that effective even on Megumi form, so I don’t think it will work on his True form.


Sukuna can even use his Open Technique in the next chapter.

There’s no way to win for Kashimo.


Really looking forward to reading the next chapter!!


That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?


I believe your understanding of Chapter 237 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!


Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.

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