Jujutsu Kaisen Anime【Epi.35】What does “爆誕” mean?

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In this PodCast, I will talk about Jujutsu Kaisen anime episode 35.

The Title is 降霊(Kourei),  which means necromancy in English.


Yes, finally Toji came back in this episode!!

And the Yuji & Megumi VS. Awasawa battle was also breathtaking.


Let’s take a look back at this episode and I will explain every detail.

Hope your understanding of Ep.35 will be deepened with my Podcast.


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Anyways, let’s back to Jujutsu Kaisen now.


Spoiler Alert!

This channel contains spoilers.

It is made for those who watch the anime, read the manga once, and then want to know more about it.

I highly suggest that you listen to it while opening the manga or watching the anime at the same time.

I hope you will find them more interesting and you will learn about the efforts and awesomeness of Japanese creators.



Episode 35 starts with Yuji, Megumi and Ino’s scene.

Yuji tries to break the Curtain in Shibuya, but it doesn’t break.


Ino thinks Yuji’s punch itself is as strong as Nanami now.

Yuji is that much strong now.


Getting its stake put in the most obvious places as Binding Vow, this Curtain is unbreakable.

So they head to the highest building in Shibuya, Cerulean Tower.


This building has Tokyu Hotel inside, so I recommend you to stay here if you wanna feel Shibuya Incident when you come to Japan.



Around 2:20, Yuji catches Awasaka and others with wire.


This scene is a bit different from Manga.

In Manga, Nue appears on the back side of them first, then Yuji catches them.

On the other hand, only the wire is shown and catches them in Anime.


By doing so, anime seems to emphasize surprise attacks more prominently.

I especially liked the way Awasaka’s head moved at the end.

You can see that he didn’t anticipate this attack at all.


Also I want you to focus on the scene at 2:38.

As Gege Sensei mentioned on his comment about this episode, Awasaka’s movement is Invese.

At this moment, his left foot is in front.

If you want to turn your body with this foot position, you should move clockwise.

But he moves counterclockwise.


So he’s moving the opposite direction.


This is so detailed, but this shows how MAPPA is making Jujutsu Kaisen passionaltely.


Then Yuji slams Awasaka onto the ground with wire.

If you see this Cerulean Tower in real, you can see how high it is.

This tower is actually 184m high.


Yuji jumps from that height and slams Awasaka…

This is such a brave action, isn’t it?


Around 4:00, Scene is focused on Yuji and Megumi.

Awasaka fell down from 184m height, but he did’t get damaged at all.


Then Yuji & Megumi VS. Awasaka battle will start.



After OP, Nanami and Ino eating Yakiniku scenes are shown.

We can see Nanami and Ino’s relationship in this scene.


Ino cooks meat for Nanami.

And Nanami orders Makkori for his drink.


Makkori is the Korean alcohol.

According to the Official Fanbook, Nanami likes drinking alcohol.

After he finishes working, he likes drinking, reading books and eating food in his house.


Nanami is such a mature person, isn’t he?

That’s why he’s my favorite character in Jujutsu Kaisen.


Around 7:00, Ino starts fighting.


Here’s the Anime Original Scene.

Ino uses Number 2 of his Technique, Reiki.


We don’t see it’s fight in Manga though, it’s drawn in Anime.

Reiki is a technique that generates water in the legs and makes you skate like ice skates.

Also the water can be used for defence as well.


I didn’t think he could be the semi grade 1, but he’s strong indeed.



Then the scene switches to Yuji at 8:20.


This battle scene is gripping and intense.

Especially the camera angle.

When Devine Dog comes up and bites Awasaka, the camera moves with devine dog.

That makes me excited.



Around 9:30, the scene back to Ino.


Ino tries to defeat Ogami, but he’s blocked.

Then Toji revived with Ogami’s Technique!!


After the title cut, it shows 1987 Dec. 7th.

Do you know what day is it?


Yes, this is Gojo’s birthday.


五条悟 爆誕.

in English, Satoru Gojo bursts onto the scene.


Actually Gojo wasn’t born normally.


In Japanese, it’s saying “爆誕”, which means “to be born with an impact that causes a sensation in the world.”


爆 means explosion 

誕 means born


Gojo was outstanding even at birth.


And this word was used for the Pokemon Movie.

That is “Pocket Monsters the Movie – Mirage Pokémon: Lugia’s Explosive Birth”

爆誕 is used for Lugia’s birth as well.


So the birth of Gojo has as much impact as Lugia.


This scene shows how Ogami and Awasaka acted before and how much the birth of Gojo has changed their lives.
I laughed at the Ogami wearing school uniform.


And Gojo boy’s VA is same as Killua, Mariya Ise.

His appearace and the way he walks are also really similar.


Gege Sensei is huge fan of Huter Hunter, so he made Gojo boy like Killua?

MAPPA did such a great job!



After Yuji & Megumi’s battle, the scene switches to Ino at 17:20.


Toji is too fast.

Looks like teleportation.


I guess that’s how fast it looked to Ino.


Toji then beat up Ino with one hand.

Maybe only Gojo can beat Toji.

He’s that strong.


And Toji’s first punch blinded Ino’s right eye.

When Ino appeared in Culling Game, he had his right eye closed.

Toji’s one punch broke Ino.



Then Yuji & Megumi VS. Awasaka battle again from 18:00.


Awasaka’s Cursed Technique is Inverse.

It makes attacks targeting him weaker the stronger they are and vise versa.


That’s why Yuji and Megumi’s attack doesn’t work.

So Megumi came up with a strategy of hitting weak attacks while attacking with all her is power.


And the scene of Yuji and Megumi’s simultaneous attack is fantastic.

The gap of speed and slow descriptions were Engaging.


I think that it’s also directing Awasaka’s Inverse.


Yuji then attacked Awasaka’s Technique by stopping his punches on the inch.

I didn’t realize it in the manga, but Yuji is removing the Cursed Energy at this moment.


Trying to hit with pull power with Cursed Energy.

Then remove Cursed Energy and hit lightly.


Yuji is doing this in an instant.

He’s so skillfull.


That’s it for this podcast.

It’s a bit short this time though, how was it?


I believe your understanding of Ep.35 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!


Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.

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