Jujutsu Kaisen 【Ch.238】What happened to Yuji’s arm?

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Page 1


Ch.238 starts with Kashimo’s third eye seeing Sukuna.



Using x-ray vision to analyze Ryomen Sukuna, what Kashimo saw was perfection


Here is the comment from the editor on this page.

It’s saying “鹿紫雲 VS 両面宿儺 新なる姿で両者相対す”

In English, “Kashimo VS. Ryomen Sukuna, The two meet in a new form”


Kashimo and Sukuna are in their true form right now.


And the narration is mentioning Sukuna as “完全無欠” in Japanese.

In English, it’s “perfection”, but it’s actually more than perfection in Japanese.


完全無欠 means “No defects or shortage at all”

And this word is made of 2 words, 完全 and 無欠.


完全 means Perfect.

無欠 means No defects.


So It’s actually saying Sukuna is more than perfect in Japanese.

Literally the King of Curse!


Page 2&3



Even when performing Curse Gestures, his hands remain unfettered, and even when chanting a curse, his heart and lungs remain unburdened.

Sukuna’s extra arms and mouths provide an immense advantage over other sorcerers.

His physical form may be greatly deformed, but that doesn’t impede him in any way.


The benefit of Sukuna becoming a true form is that he can do everything at once, including curse gestures, curse chants, and attacks.


So he can use 100% of his Technique without any disadvantages.

Gojo was saying that Sukuna didn’t fight with his all out, and yes it’s ture.


Maybe if it was in Sukuna’s 100% Domain, not sure Gojo could have survived.


Page 4



Armed with both his physique and the cursed tools known as Supreme Martial Solution and Hiten, Sukuna annihilated the sun, moon and stars squad and the five empty generals serving the northern Fujiwara clan, and routed the Abe clan’s elite forces, which included angels and the Desshi pacification squad composed of Sugawara clan remnants.




To have achieved so much!!


There is one translation missing.

The Cursed Tool Sukuna used to use were Supreme Martial Solution and Hiten, but you may not be aware of Hiten. 

That’s because it’s Japanese.


Hiten means “Celestial beings and heavenly maidens who fly around the Buddha in Buddhism, perform flower dispersal and musical performances, and perfume incense”.

So this Cursed Tool could be something that flies around and attacks opponents or makes Sukuna fly.


And Sukuna used to fight with 4 groups.


The Sun, Moon, and Starts Squad, this is where Uro belongs to.

Five Empty Generals, This is what Yorozu used to beat off in the past.

Abe Clan’s Elite Forces.

Angel was also here.

And I think this Abe clan is related to Abe no Seimei, who is said to be the best sorcerer in Japanese History.

Desshi Pacification Squad.

This is organized by the Sugawara clan.

So they are ancestors of Gojo and Yuta, because their ancestor is Sugawara no Michizane.


Sukuna fought with these big clans and won.


Also, to express that this is Sukuna’s past, this panel is drawn in the style of a Heian-period painting.

Gege Sensei is so creative, isn’t he?


Page 5&6



How beautiful!!


Sukuna and Kashimo’s hand-to-hand fight commences at this point. The advantage of Sukuna having four arms can be observed as the number of attacks has increased.

He can attack and defend at the same time.


Sukuna was originally too strong in Hand to Hand battles, but now it is more than that.

Not like the grasshopper in Shibuya Incident.


Kashimo is helpless.


Page 7&8





He fired electromagnetic waves from his hands.



Dragon Scales


Paired Falling Stars

Evade this.




This is what finished Satoru Gojo…


Now Sukuna’s Cursed Chant is revealed.

In Japanese, it’s 龍鱗 反発 番いの流星.


The meaning is as it’s translated, but there are also some meanings in it.

龍鱗, Dragon Scales usually means Dragon’s scales.

But it is also used to refer to a large number of things.


And why is it “paired falling stars”?

I think this is because of Sukuna’s Dismantle and Cleave.

He has two kinds of Slashes.


That’s why it’s “Paired”.


And look at Sukuna’s 100%t dismantle.

This is not a slash, but rather a shock wave.

The scale is totally different from before.


Moreover, this can cut anything.

How can you defeat him?


Page 9



It’s a slash that cuts the world.



A fool once preached to me about love.

She said I didn’t know love, and was lonely like none other.

I got the point, but still, it hurt.

She had the wrong guy.

She’d have done better preaching to you or Gojo.


A Fool that Sukuna is talking about is Yorozu.

Sukuna was luaghing that time.

Actually Sukuna already knew about love.


And in this scene, Sukuna says “It Hurt”.

This is a bit different from Japanese nuance.


In Japanese, he says “心外”.

This means unwillingness, not as desired.

So Sukuna was more annoyed rather than Hurt.


Page 10



Then again with you guys, it’s not so much that you didn’t know you, just can’t understand…



What are you trying to say?



You were strong, right?


Sukuna actually know about love.

Gojo and Kashimo didn’t, but he does.


This shows Sukuna is one step above them as the “strongest”.


Then their fight continues.


Page 11&12&13


Their hand-to-hand battle is again underway. 

Sukana is overwhelming Kashimo with his four arms, leaving him helpless.


And look at the middle panel of page 12.

Sukuna is preparing for his next attack as Kahsimo jumps back, with one arm trying to dismantle and the other hand moving toward the Cursed Gesture.


His belly mouth is probably Chanting in the meantime.

Sukuna can do so much at once with one move.


And the mesh Dismantle on page 13.

There’s no way to avoid it.

Each slash is indefensible.


Sukuna’s greatness is attributed to the precise manipulation of Cursed Energy that creates its mesh, in my opinion.


Page 14&15



Many fierce fighters must have challenged you with all their strength and spiritual might.

But they never cursed you.

They wanted your recognition.

So they could know their worth, but you butchered them.

All the while wondering how to treat others with care.

If that isn’t loving kindness, then what is?

Others love us for our strength and we respond to that love.

Yet solitude troubles you.

That’s why I called you greedy.



Then, are you satisfied?

If so, why divide your soul and cross ages as cursed objects?



I understand love and I said to you, love is worthless.


Now Sukuna answers about love.

Fighting with others is loving kindness.

Being strong is love.

This is what Sukuna thinks about love.


Gojo and Kashimo did not have it, but Sukuna had a clear answer.


And if you compare Kashimo on page 14 and 15, the appearance is different.

He is old in page 14 and he’s young in pace 15.


Why is it like this?

I think this is the difference in the time they are talking.


Sukuna is talking about the past in page 14.

He’s talking about what Kashimo has done.


That’s why he looks old.

Sukuna is not mentioning about the time, but we can understand that he’s talking about the past time with Kashimo’s appearance.​​

This is a nice direction.


Page 16



I’ve never needed anyone to satisfy me.

I eat when I wanna eat, play with what amuses me, and kill whoever is in my way.

I live as befits my nature.

If no one can grasp that, then that’s their problem.



Doesn’t that get old?




Every human has a unique and fleeting taste, which makes devouring them a perfect way to pass thime until death.


Here’s something weird for me.

Kashimo asked Sukuna why he divided his soul and crossed the age.

But Sukuna doesn’t answer that question.


He’s just saying that eating humans is the perfect way to pass time until death.

But if he really wants to do it, then why did he have to cross the age?


There must be other reasons.

Sukuna hiding about it.


Page 17&18&19



Here he comes, huh?

But what can a little boy hope to accomplish here?


This is the most shocking scene in chapter 238.

Finally, Yuji comes up for a fight.


And his arm looks different.

It looks like Piccolo in Dragon Ball.


What made his arm change?

There are 2 possibilities.


One is from Cursed object.

Yuji before said that he is going to eat Kusozu, which is Choso’s brothers.

So his appearance changed because of that.


Or, Yuji acquired Sukuna’s Technique.

Gojo said in chapter 12 that Yuji’s body will learn Sukuna’s technique in some time.

And now his body has acquired Sukuna’s technique, and possibly his arms have changed.


I really wanna know what exactly this is.


Then why did Higuruma join the battle?

I think this is their strategy.


Higuruma’s Domain Expansion could be useful against Sukuna.

His Domain forces the opponent to court.

And if Confiscation is given there, Technique is disabled.

Also, when the Death Penalty is given, Higuruma gets the Executioner’s Sword.

When cut by it, everyone dies, without exception.

Even Sukuna, without exception.


Sukuna might open Domain Expansion as well.

But in Higuruma’s Domain, any violence is forbidden.

If this also applies to Domain Expansion, Sukuna should not be able to open Domain.


This should increase the chances of winning.


From now, the battle will be Yuji & Higuruma VS Sukuna and Hakari VS Uraume.

Then Yuta & Maki VS Kenjaku…?


It seems Jujutsu Kaisen is in the true final battle.

So sad but really looking forward to seeing this epic battle.


That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?


I believe your understanding of Chapter 238 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


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Thanks for listening.

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