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In this podcast,  I’m gonna talk about Jujutsu Kaisen episode 36.

This Ep had a back and forth story order compared to the manga, plus a few original anime scenes were added.

And we could see a lot of characters in this Ep, so I was kind of satisfied with this episode.


The MVP on this Ep must be Nanami.

No doubt about it, right?


I’m sure a lot of people have gotten into him since this episode.

I’ll explain episode 36, with special attention to him.


Let’s go!!



This episode starts with Nanami showing up to Ijichi.

Nanami got raged by seeing what happened to Ijichi.


And what a subliminal effect.

Nanami remembered Haibara in this scene.

So this shows that Nanami thought Ijichi was dead here.


And look at the building behind Nanami and ijichi.

The sign board on the building is saying “保険選びは当社にお任せ”, “Trust us to select the right insurance for you” in English.


MAPPA is playing with this situation?

What an evil…


After the OP the scene changes to Mei Mei.


She is talking about how hard it is to be a first grade sorcerer.

Only a few people can be first grade.

So Ino is not so weak actually.


And the way Mei Mei walks, background music and the lights create how elegant she is.


Then the scene turns to Yuji & Megumi.

While they were talking, Ino fell dowm from the building.


They thought Ino was defeated by Ogami and his Grandson, but it’s wrong.

Toji is the one.


Toji’s way of walking is like an assassin.

He moves long distances, like 10m, in a moment with no sound.

Ogami couldn’t realize it.

I got goosebumps in this scene.



Around 9:30, Nobara and Nitta meet Haruta.

Their battle is the best in this episode.


Actually Nanami’s scene where he meets Ijichi is around here in Manga.

But Anime get it in the first moment.




I think this is because main character of this episode is Nanami,

That’s why MAPPA get him in the first.


After Nobara meets Haruta, the scene switches to Nanami again.

He is carrying Ijichi on his back and taking him to Ieiri.


Maybe he did this to Haibara as well…?

Nanami has to do it again.

This must be so painful.


Then Nobara’s fight starts from here.

Nobara tells Haruta that don’t underestimate her because he threw away the weapon.


In this scene, she says ”ナメプ” in Japanese.

It means to play a game in such a way as to underestimate one’s opponent by cutting corners, holding back, or being dishonest.


So he looks like he’s playing a game for Nobara.


Then Haruta’s Cursed Tool cut Nitta’s Achilles heel.

It’s not described in Manga.

But this shows how cruel they are.

Cutting her Achilles heel is too much, isn’t it?


Then Haruta kicks Nitta like a soccer ball.

How dare you!!


He’s a real psychopath.



Here’s the anime original scene again.

When Nobara was punched by Haruta’s Cursed Tool, she got a concussion.

Anime uses an illustration of a skull to show that the brain is shaken by the punch hitting the jaw.

Sound is also utilized to show that Nobara has a concussion.


This is a creative direction from MAPPA.


Haruta stubs Nitta’s leg again and again.

This is such a desperate situation.


Then Nanami shows up.

Nanami breaks down the door and comes inside.


Nanami is a decent person, so he usually just opens the door, he doesn’t break the door.

This scene shows how upset he is right now.


“Tell me the number of your people and their arrangement”

Nanami keeps asking.

And punch Haruta so hard.


And the painting style of Nanami is totally different from usual.

Only he is drawn in a dramatic style.


By drawing him in this way, MAPPA expresses his anger.


The way Nanami holds Haruta’s head is also different.

He grabs his ponytail in anime while he grabs his head in manga.

This also shows his anger.


And look at Haruta’s mark under his eyes.

The number of marks is decreasing as he gets punched by Nanami.


This is his Technique.

He can save his luck.

The reason he is okay with taking Nanami’s punches is because he is consumed by his luck.


And the last punch may consume all of his luck stock.

This will be connected to the later situation.


After fighting, Nanami shows his kindness.

He let Nobara and Nitta sit on the couche and he knees on the ground.

What a gentleman…



Then Fake Geto shows up in front of Mei Mei.

Yo Kenjaku, don’t pretend to be Geto!


He summons Special Grade Disease Cursed Spirit Smallpox Deity.

This is a Curse born out of fear of certain diseases.


And Gege Sensei is talking about this Cursed Spirit on Extra.

Fake Geto tells it as Smallpox Deity, but it’s actually 疱瘡婆, Smallpox witch.


Smallpox is a disease that shook the world in the past.

So it seems to be a very strong curse calling it as Deity.


On the other hand,疱瘡婆,  Smallpox which is the name of a yokai in Miyagi Prefecture.

It makes people get smallpox and eat them.


Deity sounds more scary.

Mei Mei has to be more cautious about it.


This is his plan.



At the end of this episode, Yuji meets Choso and starts fighting.

So Ep 37 will be about their battle.


But in Manga, Yuji meets Toge before fighting with Choso.

It’s cut off in anime.

I guess this scene will be on the first moment of Ep 37.


Really looking forward to it.



There’s one change in the ED.

Did you notice it?


One scene of the ED has been changed.

This cut is only around 0.5 seconds, but why is it changed?


This is because the previous one is in Shibuya Palco.

But this one is open in 2019, so it should be after the Shibuya Incident.


That’s why it’s changed.

MAPPA doesn’t skimp on scenes that are only 0.5 seconds long.


So detailed!!

And Nobara and Megumi playing Gacha Gacha is so cute.


That’s it for this podcast.

How was it?


I believe your understanding of Ep.36 has deepened.

Stay tuned for more podcasts about Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime and others.


And tweet with #KylePod if you have any comments or questions!!


Thanks for listening.

Bye bye.

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