Hello, this is Kyle from Japan.

I want everyone to know how amazing Anime/Manga are!
I've lived outside Japan (Australia, Canada, America, Thailand, Philippines, UAE and Estonia) for a long time now.
However, it was difficult to find good information and goods in most of the countries.

It's so hard even for Japanese to get information out of Japan.
Must be harder for fans around the world.
But I know there are lots of fans all over the world.
When I was back in Japan, I wanted those fans to know more about the latest information and the contents that are difficult to find for non Japanese.

I was lucky enough to be born in Japan, but there are fans like me all over the world.
You'd get more information if you can understand Japanese.
You'd get more goods if you live in Japan.
I know you all want to know and buy more of your favorite Anime and Manga.

So I want to get you guys closer to the content you love.
This is the reason why I started this account.

I need your support!
Please follow me!

Thank you!